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Moving On...

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  • 게시일 2017. 07. 12.
  • For those new to this series, it's about a loser who talks to his technology (because he has no friends), as he replaces them with something better! I also love making typos...
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  • MacBook Pro
    MacBook Pro 5 년 전 +4593

    I knew i was better than the MacBook 💻 Air.

  • thomasl.816
    thomasl.816 년 전 +80

    I love how he just talks to his electronics.

    • iambountyhunter
      iambountyhunter 19 일 전

      @GenericGamer123 maybe you could haollsunte it

    • GenericGamer123
      GenericGamer123 26 일 전

      I wish I could talk to technology like him and it actually was like talking to a human.

    • C130PLANE
      C130PLANE 29 일 전

      @little s I have no idea but he makes it so funny 😂

    • little s
      little s 3 개월 전 +2

      HOW IS SIRI ALWAYS here?!

    • MythicGamingMK
      MythicGamingMK 5 개월 전

      Same to! I’m a huge fan of him.

  • DamianVids2022
    DamianVids2022 년 전 +31

    Fun fact: Chris is not the computer.He is the video camera.

    • DamianVids2022
      DamianVids2022 22 일 전

      @Tbc OH MY GAHWD

    • Tbc
      Tbc 22 일 전

      By the way it is the 2007 MacBook 💻 he boardsmashed it

    • Tbc
      Tbc 22 일 전

      He is the computer 😂

  • GooseOnTheMoon
    GooseOnTheMoon 3 일 전

    For those new to this series, it's about a loser who talks to his technology (because he has no friends), as he replaces them with something better! I also love making typos...

  • GP33-Technology and Streams

    I love how the dialogue seems like it's actually being voiced out by the mac but it was written by him😂😂

    TITO WES 4 개월 전 +3

    This video never gonna be old

  • Roreo VR
    Roreo VR 년 전 +131

    5:27 when you forgot to clear your search history and your mom has your phone

  • Oculus Experiences
    Oculus Experiences 9 개월 전 +4

    Unboxing videos are my all time favorite things

  • HideAndSee
    HideAndSee 7 개월 전 +2

    King: I don’t think so, your not getting rid of yourself until ur as Old as that!
    **points at old Mack book**
    Old MacBook: Hellllooooooooooooooo
    King: Ya!
    **Everybody ha-aaaaates Chris**

  • Custom_Lego’s
    Custom_Lego’s 년 전 +6

    He bought a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar for a six minute video (and to actually use it) this man is my idol

  • Captain SoMeister Assemble

    Love your videos, keep it up

  • Staringcorgi6
    Staringcorgi6 9 개월 전 +1

    That Mac air’s design is so 2010 lmao I wonder why apple didn’t make a new design back than

  • Nithin Paul
    Nithin Paul 년 전 +6

    This video never gets old!

  • Mark Hong
    Mark Hong 2 년 전 +97

    Don’t worry he’s not wasting money He has apple care

  • Rebecca Clinton
    Rebecca Clinton 년 전 +1

    I feel bad for Chris :(

  • Haffi
    Haffi 년 전 +13

    Plainrock in 2050: “talks to a road”

  • Michael Pastras
    Michael Pastras 년 전 +16

    And the macbook after 4 years of life had a good ending

  • Antto Lilja
    Antto Lilja 3 개월 전 +4

    Imagine, that in four years, devices went from hating to be upgraded, to desiring to be upgraded.

  • Euphrates
    Euphrates 5 년 전 +30

    Good on you king, you deserved it for making us laugh

  • SEan CUmmINs
    SEan CUmmINs 년 전 +59

    5:27 When you forget to take the meat out to thaw and your parents tell you they’ll be home in 5 minutes

  • Semuel36
    Semuel36 년 전 +2

    3:39 This was funny for me 🤣🤣🤣

  • world
    world 년 전 +12

    5:27 When you are done watching a horror movie and it says “based on a true story”

  • ibraheem plaz
    ibraheem plaz 8 개월 전


  • It's Easy [archived]
    It's Easy [archived] 3 년 전 +27

    King always finds ways to make videos about upgrading tech interesting and sometimes emotional!
    Love your videos King!

  • GD CostaDell
    GD CostaDell 개월 전

    with all the stuff plainrock smashes i cant look at smashing super expensive since my computer is only about 300$

  • Rarest_Dude
    Rarest_Dude 년 전

    I love how this moving on vid has no adverts but his new one has like30

  • ZachToons
    ZachToons 년 전 +31

    5:27, when you’re about to miss your flight for a plane

  • Nick Zehn
    Nick Zehn 년 전 +6

    It's so amazing his channel grew hella big 😊😀👍

  • TheTwistedToast
    TheTwistedToast 5 년 전 +7

    Plainrock, I been subscribed to you since 7000. It's crazy how fast your channel has grown. Keep trying your best (and more bored smashing)

  • PKhan
    PKhan 년 전 +15

    5:27 When you realize it's the last day of school, but you were daydreaming. So it's actually 4 more weeks of school.
    This is actually true.

  • JoeyLordTDM
    JoeyLordTDM 년 전 +37

    5:27 when your parents realize that you broke all TVS in a house and they broke your phone

  • daysinout
    daysinout 년 전 +8

    6:02 I started dying

    • BaTTx
      BaTTx  4 개월 전


    • BaTTx
      BaTTx  4 개월 전


  • Summerzbtw
    Summerzbtw 년 전 +1

    Would have he imagined that his sister would spill cooking oil on it 3.5 years later

  • Clogaad
    Clogaad 년 전 +147

    3:38 I love how he's just on the select menu

  • XXX SkiMaaCion
    XXX SkiMaaCion 년 전

    Hey rock Husband I just want to Tell you that. I like all your *Moving on* video So can you make It again 😂👍

  • igotta game!
    igotta game! 6 개월 전

    It's crazy to believe this is all a hallucination

  • Jamie Turtle
    Jamie Turtle 3 개월 전

    King Liang in 2017: “I wanted the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar!” 4 years later in 2022: Everybody hating on the Touch Bar (I like the Touch Bar personally).

    • KhanYT ツ
      KhanYT ツ 2 개월 전 +1

      its cuz the touch bar was laggy and sometimes crashed, and it wastnt for fast typers. i also like it personally.

  • MaybeANormalRobloxPlayer

    3:29 made me laugh so hard

  • Whale
    Whale 년 전 +3

    That MacBook Pro didn’t know oil was coming

  • Henry's Spice of Life
    Henry's Spice of Life 9 개월 전 +2

    5:27 Me when my computer gets the Blue Screen of Death.

  • iisimplybenii #roadto200

    5:27 when your mom texts you and get grounded

  • CreeperGuy721​92
    CreeperGuy721​92 년 전 +1

    6:03 lmao i love this part

  • Kavin Sivasamy
    Kavin Sivasamy 년 전 +1

    5:27 when you forgot to clear your watch history in Netflix and your mom opens it

  • Clipz_Atom
    Clipz_Atom 년 전

    It is crazy to think that they made Touch Bar 4 years ago

  • ThatAppleUser12
    ThatAppleUser12 4 개월 전

    When King was opening the Macbook Pro it made me think of me when I get my own Macbook Pro

  • MikeyM Main Productions 2022 #middweller #BanUTTP

    5:27 When you didnt pay taxes and they are almost due

  • Jay
    Jay 2 년 전 +32

    5:26 this is when you're having a fun time online w your friends until the annoying online gamer shows up

  • Monca
    Monca 년 전 +14

    Siri: “your upgrading already???”
    Also siri: “I cant believe i stayed with you this long”

    • Loomie
      Loomie 년 전 +1

      Makes sense lmao siri wants to stay longer but minutes later siri doesnt wanna stay

  • mint
    mint 년 전 +1

    5:27 Me when I remember I left the teapot on for an hour.

    SHADOWFOX 년 전 +2

    5:27 when you give your mum your phone but forget to put a passcode:

    • Walker
      Walker 년 전 +1

      Yep mine is so long it’s literally impossible to guess

  • Ogi Ipad
    Ogi Ipad 년 전

    The biggest flex is having two doors

  • Plant2377
    Plant2377 2 년 전 +174

    2:19 Keep in mind that plain rock DOES ACTUALLY have a sister

    • XxsonicthegamerxX
      XxsonicthegamerxX 10 개월 전

      @King Wwortya

    • XxsonicthegamerxX
      XxsonicthegamerxX 10 개월 전 +1

      We all know that we saw her in one of his videos

    • Zahroon
      Zahroon 년 전

      How’d you know

    • The flynover
      The flynover 년 전


    • Caleb Wen
      Caleb Wen 년 전

      There’s a video for Flagstaff High School that shows her face in high quality. I won’t show the video here, for obvious reasons.

  • Grenino
    Grenino 년 전 +9

    Everyone’s reaction every month of 2020

  • evm127
    evm127 년 전

    Life hack for apple products keep the box so if the phone or what ever gets stolen the police can find it

  • goofy goober
    goofy goober 년 전 +2

    Plain rock always do a Satisfying unboxing

  • LaCrak 27
    LaCrak 27 년 전

    Lol when the MacBook air said to end itself i thought of a kernel Panic LMAO


    This video is basically a classic

  • Judith Cachero
    Judith Cachero 년 전

    The air is a lucky 💻 why move on when you can keep your lucky laptop

  • bellenanami
    bellenanami 년 전

    Now that is gentle to something new plainrock

  • YaBo1Sk31Y
    YaBo1Sk31Y 6 개월 전

    It’s just sad he makes these videos... EMOTIONAL DAMAGE to him to make these videos

  • iced
    iced 3 년 전 +4

    He's upgrading and 9 month old pc. I agree with the Siri engine on their, damn. But I love your videos Liang! Please make more moving on videos, I just continue to watch your moving on videos over and over again, and by far my favorite ones are the computer ones and the iPad ones.

  • Ofb Ruby💅🏼
    Ofb Ruby💅🏼 년 전 +2

    Thanks king for getting me into watching malcom in the middle

  • Sunny Sky
    Sunny Sky 년 전

    5:27 POV: you rushing to your door after someone says your location

  • The Bentley Continental Guy! New Jersey Devils Fan

    5:27 when your dad finds out you dented his car

  • Alex
    Alex 11 개월 전

    I love how the video is about upgrading to a new macbook pro with touch bar and I am watching this video on a macbook pro with touch bar lol 😂

  • SushifiedMan
    SushifiedMan 년 전 +57

    5:27 Me when it’s the end of the world


    5:27 when you forget to play a game with your friend after taking a nap

  • That Christian Gamer
    That Christian Gamer 10 개월 전

    6:06 is the best part.

  • RenCRBLX
    RenCRBLX 10 개월 전

    5:27 when you forgot something inside the store that is personal like a credit card

  • Corril Girritian
    Corril Girritian 5 년 전 +3

    I'm a huge fan. Every day I watch your videos!

  • thomas o'hara
    thomas o'hara 10 개월 전

    Don’t pay for getting a new MacBook Air because you already got a MacBook Pro

  • Prince - Roblox
    Prince - Roblox 년 전 +3

    I'd rather talk to tech as if I'm personifying them than talking to people. If I had a MacBook Air

    • Prince - Roblox
      Prince - Roblox 6 개월 전

      edit: i already have a macbook air, and it's 10 months old already

  • ARandomFurry
    ARandomFurry 년 전

    When i was a kid, i thought that the MacBook Air hovered, because of the air in the name 😂😂😂 (I know this doesn't have any relation to the video but i remembered this moment)

  • Alex B.
    Alex B. 년 전

    5:27 Me when I forget alot of stuff at home when I am at school

  • JJ Skippy
    JJ Skippy 2 년 전 +411

    Who’s here after he upgraded his MacBook again in 2020?

  • Adam Fisher
    Adam Fisher 년 전

    when a 6 month old laptop gets replaced:
    WHAT THE (bleep)

  • dogme9321
    dogme9321 년 전

    The MacBook Air was a good upgrade but the MacBook Pro is not that good at internet

  • Jordan Kuo
    Jordan Kuo 년 전

    3:39 I laughed so hard

  • Antares272
    Antares272 년 전

    I love this part 6:02

  • Sombrero
    Sombrero 년 전 +9

    ]imagine the look on the neighbours face when they see king talking to apple products

    • Walker
      Walker 년 전

      “Just acting like Siri doesn’t exist”

  • Gabriela Leon
    Gabriela Leon 년 전

    How did he upgrade so fast

  • noname
    noname 년 전 +23

    5:57 "youre not doing this 13 reason why shit until youre as old as that"
    captions: youre not doing the 13 reason why until your eyes otis max

  • Dennis Casimiro
    Dennis Casimiro 년 전 +6

    5:27 when your favorite game that is still updating delays

  • Saffron Dallimore
    Saffron Dallimore 년 전 +2

    “So I’m the cause of me getting thrown in the garbage?” What all electronics say when you get an upgrade.

  • jetzs
    jetzs 년 전

    5:27 when you know your parents are home but you forgot to defrost the chicken

  • l23MY
    l23MY 년 전 +1

    I wonder how many times he has opened an apple product....
    Edit: I also wonder how many times he has backed up his iCloud

  • Washerboy 2009
    Washerboy 2009 7 개월 전

    the laptop now being covered in oil be like

  • UnknownYT
    UnknownYT 년 전 +1

    when you be trolled in your favorite game and you banned for no reason 5:27

  • That Christian Gamer
    That Christian Gamer 6 개월 전 +1

    6:06 Will Smith slapping Chris Rock be like:


    Honestly I would be happy to be upgraded especially when I have a b*tchass owner (irl)

  • Charles, T
    Charles, T 년 전

    I used to be a hater but over time I released that ITS HIS MONEY AND HIS STUFF

  • CosmicFox (discontinued)

    Years later he still has malcom in the middle

  • ThatOneKidOnTheInterne t

    3:35 I laughed so hard

  • Operafox
    Operafox 년 전 +1

    the entire video in 2x is so much better xd

  • cool jail
    cool jail 2 개월 전

    To make you feel better, i accendentally dropped my 2021 mac book air on the floor.

  • Cubsy Aviator
    Cubsy Aviator 년 전

    I love the new 2016 MacBook Pro. anyone agree or disagree!!

  • heison 325
    heison 325 년 전

    I love you both MacBook

  • Diego Rene
    Diego Rene 3 년 전 +101

    5:43 had me dead

    • Ar Ar
      Ar Ar 2 년 전

      I think it had the MacBook dead to

    • Santiago Costa Asenjo
      Santiago Costa Asenjo 2 년 전


    • Midnight Shadow
      Midnight Shadow 2 년 전

      Some Random Commenter omfg 🤦‍♂️

    • Nexpr
      Nexpr 2 년 전

      Some Random Commenter yeah he was using correctly I’m dead literally just means laughing wtf do you think he’s actually dead?

    • Gabriel Brandt
      Gabriel Brandt 2 년 전 +1

      NeoExpr Omg u don’t understand either. I was just saying if he knows what it means?

  • Wasthomashere
    Wasthomashere 년 전 +5

    You are kinda, and still the best.

  • Lol
    Lol 년 전 +1

    In 2021: