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Moving On...

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  • 게시일 2020. 08. 05.
  • Shot on MacBook by King L. 4K resolution available for more realistic computer usage!
    For those new to this series: I like to call this strange experience a "technology upgrade skit."
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  • Plainrock124
    Plainrock124  2 년 전 +13872

    250+ hours to make. My right hand hurts. Hope you enjoyed!
    If you wanna give it a second watch-thru, can you find all of the Easter Eggs I put in this video?
    Might help if you watch the video in 4K...

    • plainrock234
      plainrock234 12 일 전


    • Gold Gamer
      Gold Gamer 3 개월 전

      I wish I had a pc with those specs

    • kasra
      kasra 3 개월 전

      Plainrock123 omg

    • ItsArazGaming
      ItsArazGaming 4 개월 전

      what is ur discord

    • Zen Pia
      Zen Pia 4 개월 전 +1

      nice vids plainrock124 keep it up

  • Felix
    Felix 2 년 전 +7714

    I’m not joking, I’m genuinely impressed by the editing in this, well done king

  • Xtreme Test Zone
    Xtreme Test Zone 4 개월 전 +52

    This is one of the best videos I've seen on KRclip. Well thought out, very entertaining, funny with great editing. 10 days plus one hour in the making going by Plainrock's pinned comment! Absolutely brilliant! 👌

  • Simplemente un Loquendero
    Simplemente un Loquendero 3 개월 전 +9

    This video and the Moving On where he takes the pills, are genuinely the magnum opus(es) of PlainRock. They are honestly the best videos he's done.

  • Captain Abazor
    Captain Abazor 22 일 전 +6

    Plainrock, this is literally the funniest thing I've ever seen! You rock at humor and editing! Impressive and well-worth that whole 36 minutes!

  • EliteNichan
    EliteNichan 5 개월 전 +15

    Re-watching King Liam is honestly the best feeling❤️

  • Ibrahim Anser
    Ibrahim Anser 2 년 전 +822

    Plainrocks MacBooks Siri is the reason why he doesn’t need a wife.

  • CandyMan
    CandyMan 2 일 전

    This video was a master piece fantastic job king I had a blast watching it

  • Keybmom
    Keybmom 2 개월 전 +4

    Honestly all the moving on videos are such master pieces I don’t know how many times I rewatched them and I always enjoy it

  • TheWeirdOne
    TheWeirdOne 3 개월 전 +6

    Y'all, Apple needs to make Siri speak to us like this.
    Also, I wonder if he told people to say things like "not donating" or "lag" on a real stream, or if it was just very nice editing.

    • Alan Przybyło
      Alan Przybyło 개월 전

      maybe its just fine, it still was saying 30 fps so maybe he told people to say these

    • Vyn Solina
      Vyn Solina 3 개월 전

      He just edited them, in. Maybe you should watch the video where he got a new Model S.

    • A_Noob 1997
      A_Noob 1997 3 개월 전

      pay attention to the usernames

  • not much
    not much 3 개월 전 +3

    Almost 2 year old masterpiece. Great work.

  • SomeGuy
    SomeGuy 3 개월 전 +6

    Siri: we take apple privacy very seriously.
    Also Siri: *Watches a fight between plainrock and fedex employee*

  • NeverJames
    NeverJames 3 개월 전 +5

    This is beautiful, I've watched this over 5 times now and right now is my 6th time :)
    edit: I've now watched this 10 times now I'm watching it for the 11th

  • MTatters
    MTatters 4 개월 전 +3

    This still deserves more views for the amount of effort put in

  • comedy
    comedy 2 개월 전

    the things that impresses me about the whole channel is that, it's entirely solo. he does the camera work, films it, and edits the video, all on his own.

  • slushoz
    slushoz 년 전 +1645

    I wish Siri actually talked to us like this

  • da dantheman1
    da dantheman1 3 개월 전 +1

    it would have been great if siri could use the mouse to show you stuff like setting or videos

  • elizabeth whipple
    elizabeth whipple 3 개월 전 +1

    I wish Siri actually talked to us like this

  • Julian x30
    Julian x30 29 일 전

    Just want to tell you that i watched this video like 10 times already and its still entertaining

  • NukeyCarl
    NukeyCarl 개월 전 +1

    To be honest, I am also scared of gas stoves.

  • Antan
    Antan 2 년 전 +157

    The plainrock cinematic universe is finally starting to make sense

    • Bloodthirsty 453
      Bloodthirsty 453 년 전

      Neel Patel and Tyzrz need to calm down. Pretty sure it was a joke

    • offwhiteangel
      offwhiteangel 년 전

      exactly lol

    • Timmythedog
      Timmythedog 2 년 전

      Lisa Gaming ROBLOX hello mister fake lisa gaming ever heard of a joke?

    • Timmythedog
      Timmythedog 2 년 전

      Tyzrz it’s a joke😂

  • Maddox The Weirdo
    Maddox The Weirdo 2 개월 전 +1

    I'm so surprised that he did 4k and in one of his newer videos he said he said he would at some point do 4k. I guess he forgot he made this video before making that one.

  • einfachtonnygames
    einfachtonnygames 개월 전

    The Computer POV is great and the Editing Perfect!

  • Clipper
    Clipper 26 일 전 +2

    Nice job king! Love the editing! Please make merch king

  • kenneth lootus
    kenneth lootus 3 개월 전

    this was like a movie, probably the best video i have seen from you so far

  • Ethan
    Ethan 2 년 전 +177

    He took the whole “shot on iPhone” ads to a whole new level.

    • lomaxplayz
      lomaxplayz 9 개월 전

      @Logan T *u w u*

    • Mr. Tenor
      Mr. Tenor 년 전 +2

      Shot on MacBook Pro 2016 with touch bar

    • 5mp-5
      5mp-5 2 년 전 +5

      @Logan T agree

    • Logan T
      Logan T 2 년 전 +9

      @ninvm don't you ever say that cursed word ever again

    • ninvm
      ninvm 2 년 전 +1


  • August Anaya
    August Anaya 2 개월 전

    Happy 2nd anniversary to this masterpiece.

  • dadoisplayingroblox_YT

    I love ur content! Keep it up! You never fail to entertain me. Well, only once I watch your same vid over and over

  • King's Comment Guard

    i love this video because the aspect ratio matches perfectly to a macbook screen

  • arby
    arby 23 일 전 +1

    This is my most re watched plainrock video at this point i can predict whats going to be the next skit. This is one of his top 5 videos.

  • Anthony Zaldivar
    Anthony Zaldivar 2 년 전 +99

    Finally a Moving On where the technology isn’t suicidal!

  • xSilverPlayer_
    xSilverPlayer_ 3 일 전

    now i want a assistant like this on my laptop

  • Ollie Will
    Ollie Will 2 개월 전

    This will always be the best moving on ever


    I am really impressed by the editing and he definitely deserves more money
    Note: I was no comfortable with seeing a Asian rapidly unboxing a MacBook Pro with music

  • Jennifer Ketterling
    Jennifer Ketterling 5 개월 전 +3

    Let's all agree that whenever they upload our days get so much better ❤️

  • ThomasPlayz
    ThomasPlayz 년 전 +424

    Can we just all clap to this guy for making Siri talk to him

  • RiceBubble
    RiceBubble 2 개월 전

    His best video, insane how well this is made

  • aeroleo
    aeroleo 3 개월 전

    I love how at the end, optimistic turns to mistake

    OPMFG4YFROG 5 개월 전

    I actually almost really injured myself from an oil explosion from putting salmon on a pan too fast only got first degree burns on my hand from it, so I got off pretty dang lucky and my house didn't burn down so that's another plus anyway hope Plainrock sees this, so it instills even more fear you're a great youtuber one of the best in my opinion, but I like messing with people who have weird fears

  • ☆SJPlayzRoblox!☆

    "You know, it would be better if apple had good webcams." The webcam: 𝗧𝗛𝗘𝗥𝗘 𝗪𝗘, 𝗚𝗢 𝗜𝗦 𝗧𝗛𝗔𝗧 𝗕𝗘𝗧𝗧𝗘𝗥? Siri: Change it, CHANGE IT!

  • Glizzy Innocent
    Glizzy Innocent 2 년 전 +460

    No wonder why he hasn't uploaded in so long. This video is extremely well made and should at least get 3 million views and 250k likes.

  • RileyProGaming
    RileyProGaming 5 개월 전 +3

    When he woke up it said 9:41 AM. Fun Fact: Right on the dot Apple Announced the first iPhone to the world for the first time on exactly 9:41 AM 2007.

  • Spicy gameskaa
    Spicy gameskaa 5 개월 전

    I’ve watched this like 1000+ and it’s still impressive

  • Gideon Brown
    Gideon Brown 5 개월 전

    this has to be my favorite moving on video😂

  • Zohairuu gaming 1045
    Zohairuu gaming 1045 2 개월 전 +2

    30:01 is the part that I laughed😂😂😂

  • Elixir
    Elixir 2 년 전 +4739

    Happy I could help donate to your charity 🍪

  • Steven O'Dear
    Steven O'Dear 4 개월 전 +5

    19:05 look at the sentence next to the one he highlighted, this is gold😂😂

  • Bingus_is_Watching_You
    Bingus_is_Watching_You 4 개월 전 +3

    Bro I would like a Siri that responds to every thing that you say and she doesn’t just say “I didn’t get that”

  • This is a Brooklyn Bound
    This is a Brooklyn Bound 2 개월 전 +1

    this feels like a netflix film and i have no idea why

  • Tøxīc ǥψøvツ
    Tøxīc ǥψøvツ 9 시간 전

    Him: AHHHHH FIRE!!!!
    The Cat in the background: wtf did you just run from?

  • KoolTimYT
    KoolTimYT 2 년 전 +138

    Plainrock literally looks like a dad or a teacher.

  • Stick2sd
    Stick2sd 3 개월 전 +1

    This moving on is great & Calming (for me)

    • BaTTx
      BaTTx  3 개월 전

      except the fire alarm part

  • ari
    ari 15 일 전

    Newest moving on video: Siri said “ I bet your gonna upgrade laptops again before you upload in 4k” WELL THIS VIDEO IS FILMED IN 4K!

  • BaTTx
    BaTTx  3 개월 전

    this video never ever gets old

  • ThisIsNotACreativeName
    ThisIsNotACreativeName 개월 전 +1

    I love how the recipe is 90% the Bee Movie's script xD

  • Bcawesome5 Gaming
    Bcawesome5 Gaming 2 년 전 +210

    Plain rock: “So wait, you’re paying thousands of dollars to video chat?!”
    I cracked up 😂
    I mean, he’s not wrong.

    • Aldo Maulana
      Aldo Maulana 15 일 전

      You cannot use Samsung Q950TS Because you didn't even shut down by the Way
      This Samsung Q950TS will shut down in 60 second

    • Aldo Maulana
      Aldo Maulana 15 일 전

      I told you not to shut down the Samsung Q900TS. Now the Samsung Q900TS is destroyed and becomes unusable.

    • Aldo Maulana
      Aldo Maulana 15 일 전

      2nd - Waybuloo Error

    • Aldo Maulana
      Aldo Maulana 15 일 전

      UNEXPECTED WARNING: It is strongly advised to shut down Samsung Q900TS to prevent damage! (10590B-UNEXPECTED-CE-29544-20)

  • Elliott Gamez
    Elliott Gamez 2 개월 전 +1

    I listen to this at night it helps me fall asleep LOL 😆

  • Chris Linux Tutorials
    Chris Linux Tutorials 3 개월 전 +1

    Clearly the best moving on video!!!

  • Anmol Nangal
    Anmol Nangal 12 일 전

    Deserve a like for that great effort❤

  • Live Subscribers
    Live Subscribers 4 개월 전

    Imagine if Siri can talk like that lmao

  • Ali -TheShipper
    Ali -TheShipper 2 년 전 +29

    I kind of want an entire TV show of him and Siri doing random stuff together XD

    • Corrupted
      Corrupted 6 개월 전

      what stuff we talking about ;)

  • Noah
    Noah 개월 전

    I love you’re bored smashing videos and this video

  • BlackPants420
    BlackPants420 4 개월 전

    I’ve watched this video so many times and still love it

  • stuart gallacher
    stuart gallacher 개월 전

    i love ur vids keep up ur fantastic work

  • Steve
    Steve 4 개월 전

    The last part of that twitch bit was awesome 🤣

  • lmao
    lmao 2 년 전 +251

    Why is no one talking about how this is his only Siri that actually wants him to upgrade

    • [TAS] - λρ◆NJA
      [TAS] - λρ◆NJA 년 전

      I think the iPad Pro is the first one, actually. First, Siri was eager for him to upgrade since King was a terrible owner.

    • Bloodthirsty 453
      Bloodthirsty 453 년 전 +1

      Because if he upgrades then that Siri gets a upgrade

    • Ahmad zahrani
      Ahmad zahrani 2 년 전

      @Wheatley the MacBook air wasn't angry
      It was shocked when he was upgrading early
      The part it was angry at is that it was sold to king sister
      It almost killed itself

    • tilak parekh
      tilak parekh 2 년 전

      No the tablet also wanted it

    • Wheatley
      Wheatley 2 년 전

      @Minees 1000 but the other Macs were still angry

  • Abrar Santoso
    Abrar Santoso 3 시간 전

    16:57 is this one of the easter eggs? Look closer to the picture, especially the faces of the student

  • wecallhimgojilla
    wecallhimgojilla 8 일 전

    This video is so good I literally watch it every week

  • ChaseH 0325
    ChaseH 0325 3 개월 전 +1

    I’m literally watching this on June 18…. So about a year ago and 11 days from now, king would get his new MacBook Pro.

  • Dylan Niyonizigiye
    Dylan Niyonizigiye 개월 전

    I love how he was going to get the phone to call 911
    And his dad replies no Father's Day 🎁 💝

  • Chessy Copter
    Chessy Copter 2 년 전 +400

    Kings Siri is a better mother to him than his own mother.

    • Diego
      Diego 11 개월 전

      Siri doesn't make gross Chinese delicacy that you've never heard of

    • 15xnpal
      15xnpal 년 전

      @24kR8 u

    • Takumilux
      Takumilux 년 전


    • Gordy Owl
      Gordy Owl 2 년 전

      It's his Girlfriend

    • Doggos Crew
      Doggos Crew 2 년 전 +1

      Lol agreed

  • Алим Адиль
    Алим Адиль 4 개월 전


  • Hp plush studios
    Hp plush studios 12 일 전

    I really wish Siri talked to us like that

  • Devin ._.
    Devin ._. 개월 전

    I love this video style, good job king!

  • Jack Trainor
    Jack Trainor 개월 전

    by far one of the best moving on videos

  • I Feel Terrible
    I Feel Terrible 2 년 전 +87

    This type of content is not the content youtube deserves. This need to be on Netflix.

  • Timmmm#5012
    Timmmm#5012 4 개월 전

    That is a pretty good cut, a lot better than the messed up one

  • BCO TV
    BCO TV 4 개월 전

    “That video was a bitch to make”
    -king in his moving on video, about to upgrade from the MacBook he got in this video.

  • UppedCircle
    UppedCircle 2 개월 전

    If you listen closely at the end, when the Mac crashes. You can hear mistake repeatingly

  • 明月の之后
    明月の之后 4 개월 전 +1

    23:12 king:ha, hey look some idiot driving on the wrong side of the highway also king: wait, why is everyone driving on the wrong side of the highway? *car crash* Siri: your the one who drives on the wrong side of the highway

  • sabr ت
    sabr ت 2 년 전 +144

    Theory: Siri is his only BFF, Accountant, and Adviser at things

  • LetsplayGames543
    LetsplayGames543 4 시간 전

    Your vids are soo good, good job king

  • Switzerland
    Switzerland 4 일 전

    12:22 you can actually see some spoilers when bored smashing Lego Mario and luigi was coming, there was the script

  • MysteryFox
    MysteryFox 4 개월 전

    10:10 i like that siri just pops in like WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?

  • Positive kids channel

    Liam : don't do anything
    Siri: ok
    *Liam leaves*
    Siri: psych!

  • Ryzenz
    Ryzenz 년 전 +399

    We need a “behind the scenes” for this because his editing skills are fire

  • Abhimanyu
    Abhimanyu 5 개월 전

    legends say the price was never known to anyone except him…..

  • Fordfiesta34
    Fordfiesta34 15 일 전

    13:02 that hears really real like the crashes in reality

  • JethroTheMeower
    JethroTheMeower 5 개월 전

    Sadly enough, I ordered the M! MacBook Air and the delivery driver stole it. I had to order 2 now. :P

  • Paul Wisota
    Paul Wisota 개월 전

    has anyone noticed the fact that when it glitches out at the end, he starts saying "mistake, mistake, mistake" over and over again.

  • Khoa Nguyen - Tom
    Khoa Nguyen - Tom 년 전 +540

    Can't believe this masterpiece is over a year old, love the editing! I wish that Siri would be like this someday

  • Redlegendpiere5
    Redlegendpiere5 2 개월 전

    18:38 What I always do when I wanna play a game from the Mario and Luigi Series

  • Ellen Stephens
    Ellen Stephens 2 개월 전

    Well done im very impressed.

  • User
    User 2 개월 전

    My favorite part is when King's mom says "Ayiaa, King, come downstairs! I make Asian rice you never heard of before!"

  • _________
    _________ 2 개월 전

    It’s 2022 and I still am obsessed with this video

  • WinnerMatt11
    WinnerMatt11 2 년 전 +30

    This feels like one long Apple commercial. And if you’re reading this than great job this is amazing!!

  • FatMan
    FatMan 4 개월 전

    If I had a Siri that talked to me this way i don’t need friends

  • Tim S
    Tim S 2 개월 전

    I love how you made the video from electronics’s view

  • Scrap Mechanic Mister
    Scrap Mechanic Mister 3 개월 전

    Wait, King's storage is full? he should send his videos to the cloud!

  • Kyren Returns
    Kyren Returns 4 개월 전

    22:08 This Part Made Me Laugh For Some Reason.