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Bored Smashing - STEAM DECK

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  • 게시일 2022. 05. 06.
  • Featuring the Valve Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, and bad puns.
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  • Plainrock124
    Plainrock124  5 개월 전 +1931

    Dislike if you’re STEAMED about this video hahahahahahahahaha (jk plz don’t)
    STEAM DECK "REVIEW" krclip.com/video/yzlIOE_52kA/비디오.html

  • The Aroused Eunuch
    The Aroused Eunuch 5 개월 전 +1719

    Imagine if Plainrock was one of the people that got their Steam Deck personally delivered to them by Gabe Newell.

    • Bars of whippedcream
      Bars of whippedcream 개월 전

      What if he held him hostage in his basement

    • George Ashmore
      George Ashmore 개월 전


    • hmm
      hmm 개월 전

      My steam deck has been delivered by gaben

    • Redkriper
      Redkriper 개월 전

      Imagine having so much money that you can afford break this

    • Mkapsteve
      Mkapsteve 2 개월 전

      He only did that to people who lived around valve HQ

  • JewTube Gasser
    JewTube Gasser 4 개월 전 +186

    Gotta give the Deck credit; it only has joy con drift when you throw it in a dryer. The Switch gets it when literally using it for its intended purpose lol.

    • Jayden Philbert Munipals
      Jayden Philbert Munipals 27 일 전

      @Soupy Mittens Technically the switch doesn't drift before because in the OLED model and its special editions and the Zelda skyward sword joycons, Nintendo added foam sheets or something else that causes it to not drift

    • Soupy Mittens
      Soupy Mittens 개월 전

      @JewTube Gasser IDK why but only one of my sticks has drift, even though I use them both the same amount

    • JewTube Gasser
      JewTube Gasser 2 개월 전 +1

      @Jeffy M .......the Switch is not a PC. Lol

    • Jeffy M
      Jeffy M 2 개월 전

      But the steam deck is a complete copy of the Nintendo switch

    • zZz
      zZz 2 개월 전

      More than that. the daughter boards did not work. All buttons failure. @11:47, of which parts are not available.

  • portgee
    portgee 2 개월 전 +47

    This was both extremely painful and entertaining to watch at the same time amazing video

  • Nerdy Scotsman
    Nerdy Scotsman 개월 전 +7

    sell it on ebay as slightly used

  • Anim8
    Anim8 4 개월 전 +3

    This dude is the kind of guy to bring a hammer to work in case the computer wasn’t working

  • TJ0410
    TJ0410 5 개월 전 +1297

    Even though I am a huge fan of Half-Life him calling a crowbar a weapon from portal is still funny

    • Dayytona Fox
      Dayytona Fox 20 일 전

      watching this on my deck reading ur comment made my deck experience even better lmaoooo

    • Minisith Unknown
      Minisith Unknown 21 일 전

      And an honor that he knows just that.

    • Redkriper
      Redkriper 개월 전

      Isnt it?

    • VAC
      VAC 2 개월 전

      I cringed when he said that

  • Guy Sandler
    Guy Sandler 4 개월 전 +11

    The "stream deck" mixup with the steam deck actually happened and my friend almost bought it

  • Liam Pennepacker
    Liam Pennepacker 9 일 전

    5:35 The Hold Up Test
    6:02 The Hold Up Test (Dream)
    6:36 The Deck Test
    7:28 The Deck Test
    8:36 The Deck Test (Dream)
    8:43 The Iron Test
    10:02 The Dryer Test
    10:44 The Dryer Test (Dream)
    12:13 The Valve Test
    13:27 The Valve Test
    14:35 The Toilet Test
    16:37 Steam D@#$
    16:45 Cream Deck
    16:54 Steam Wreck
    17:15 Steam Wreck (Dream)
    17:22 Defend Your Castle Deck

  • Ace the panther
    Ace the panther 개월 전 +2

    The fact he genuinely cares about his personal devices is absolutely hilarious because unless he’s destroying it for a video he knows that it’s not the best idea to get it get damage no he would be great at selling people stuff knowing how terrible they are

  • Zero Todal
    Zero Todal 3 일 전

    Im an old viewer and that 3080 smash test still hurt me physically

  • パチェ
    パチェ 5 개월 전 +558

    I'm legitimately surprised how durable the Switch is.

    • Box person
      Box person 15 시간 전

      i do not feel uncomfortable punching my switch because with the screen protector it way as well be invincible

    • MorganYuIsAGreatProtagonist
      MorganYuIsAGreatProtagonist 17 시간 전

      @Cleffafable what’d you do to it

    • I AM ROBOT
      I AM ROBOT 20 시간 전

      @Cleffafable i swapped my original for a lite, i had no use for docking or joycons or any of the gimmicky parts of the switch

    • Cleffafable
      Cleffafable 22 시간 전

      how do peoples switches last mine broke a year after using it and i was stuck using a... lite 🤢... for 3 years after

    • I AM ROBOT
      I AM ROBOT 2 일 전

      Made for children, its gotta be

  • Ya Boi Zai
    Ya Boi Zai 21 일 전 +1

    I believe the switch was aimed towards kids so it's a bit more durable the steam deck is made more for adults and KRcliprs that don't plan on destroying it so its less durable

  • Smiling Skull
    Smiling Skull 11 일 전 +1

    You can buy all the parts needed for the deck, hope this helps.

  • gaming player 23
    gaming player 23 개월 전

    Good to know that I'll make sure to take real good care of the steam deck once I have orderd it thx for the damage precautions man

  • FudgeTheDog
    FudgeTheDog 4 개월 전 +3

    This actually pushed me to buy a steam deck, thank you plainrock

  • Voidin
    Voidin 5 개월 전 +520

    Imagine if Gabe personally delivered this to King just to see the Deck get destroyed

  • KatwithaKinit
    KatwithaKinit 2 개월 전

    the part where the steam deck is loading reminds me of the estimated load times for steam on pc

  • LiftSurfer52's Guide To Elevators And Escalators

    16:43 i couldn’t stop laughing at this point of the video lol

  • ShatteredTEAPOT
    ShatteredTEAPOT 4 개월 전

    i wonder how scary it would be to see plainrock do this, considering he did the sauna unboxing in complete silence

  • Friendly Doge
    Friendly Doge 4 개월 전

    He may rarely upload but he atleast puts alot of work into his videos he is very very awesome

  • OintmentNailhead
    OintmentNailhead 4 개월 전 +240

    This guy just can't stop breaking Nintendo Switches...
    Also "let's finish this off with the main weapon from Portal" got me!

    • CS64
      CS64 2 개월 전 +2

      @The Soviet Helicopter Half Life

    • The Soviet Helicopter
      The Soviet Helicopter 2 개월 전 +2

      It’s funny because the crowbar is the main thing from Gmod I think

    • winnie the xi ping 🌞
      winnie the xi ping 🌞 2 개월 전 +1

      the steam deck is basically a better versio nfo the switch

    • H English
      H English 3 개월 전 +1


    • WhaleDubbz
      WhaleDubbz 4 개월 전 +4

      @Thaneshwar D He Was Just Joking God

  • Content Dolphin
    Content Dolphin 2 개월 전

    I watch this to take my anger out on not being allowed to buy a steam deck lol

  • Dark Skull 2009
    Dark Skull 2009 4 개월 전 +10

    can we just all appreciate this guy for nearly spending his whole bank account on these vids for us to watch

    • Imperial bricks
      Imperial bricks 2 개월 전

      I agree with you I freaking hate!!!!! People who buy expensive tech just to destroy it like why!!!!!!! There are people who actually want this tech and you could donate it but boo let’s just waste 100’s of dollars 😡

  • Ligma
    Ligma 4 개월 전 +2

    Does anyone else get goosebumps when looking at broken screens?

  • SuperMario127 SuperMario127

    Wait a second…that’s not steam coming out of the device. It’s a STREAM!

  • frostech
    frostech 4 개월 전

    if you're mad that plainrock broke the steam deck even though he paid for it with his own money, maybe the steam deck isn't the only thing that's broke

  • The gaming bros
    The gaming bros 4 개월 전 +2

    his neighbors: oh he's smashing stuff again looks like he's got him self a steam deck

  • puyo
    puyo 4 개월 전 +2

    i love how in test 7 he completely forgets both consoles can dock and display to another monitor

  • Manuel Kimpel
    Manuel Kimpel 개월 전 +1

    I wish you did this in front of Gabe Newells eyes after he handed his steam deck to you :D

  • Mist
    Mist 개월 전 +3

    good content as always king 👑

    • Eric ツ
      Eric ツ 개월 전

      finally not a hate comment

  • Centigrams
    Centigrams 4 개월 전

    I like how he called every refference from Hald Life a Portal refference and everyone from Portal a Half Life one lol

  • Samuelprime
    Samuelprime 4 개월 전 +1

    You should make an interactive video of destroying things!!!!!

  • MidNightGutz
    MidNightGutz 3 개월 전

    This was amazing but horrifying at the same time, shit I don't anyone when touch my steam deck unless they are gentle with it.

  • Aneesh Ramakrishnan
    Aneesh Ramakrishnan 5 개월 전 +71

    Well, one thing we can all agree on is that both handhelds are surprisingly durable!

    • Ligoma Baws
      Ligoma Baws 4 개월 전

      @Toybonnie Fuzions kinda funny considering its the console with way more problems

    • Lucas
      Lucas 4 개월 전 +1

      No switch is more durable but steam is a little.

    • Manny B.
      Manny B. 5 개월 전 +8

      I would say both are very durable to take this kind of beating.
      It's 30X the beating you would do in real life.
      However Nintendo had more time on the market and is for a younger audience so it fared slightly better in some of them (note this is NOT a scientifically accurate durability test, but mostly for entertainment by a tad crazy KRclipr)

  • TheUniversalWondersOfTheInternet

    I loved how King mixed portal with half life

  • Omgman57
    Omgman57 4 개월 전

    Thanks by doing this. your fix inflation making the world a better place.

  • Ian
    Ian 4 개월 전

    He smashed it with the one thing that is loosely related to a valve game that people really like!!!!

  • Conspi Booper
    Conspi Booper 4 개월 전 +3

    I'm kind of expecting another Hate Comments video... Anyway, I really enjoyed the jokes in this video! Keep it up!

  • GreenMascotKid
    GreenMascotKid 5 개월 전 +310

    Didn’t even know what this was before this video, King has introduced me to something by destroying it, Gigachad+ tier vids man! Edit: at 10:24 the way king just smiles made me laugh

    • GligarGuy
      GligarGuy 개월 전

      @singleflips "I'm not owned! I'm not owned!!", I continue to insist as i slowly shrink and transform into a corn cob
      -singleflips, probably
      (Seriously tho, what a lame deflection from you instead of explaining why you arent a fanboy with these copy-pasted talking points. My time has been wasted)

    • singleflips
      singleflips 개월 전

      @GligarGuy sounds like you can't come up with a reasonable answer and instead try to sound smart lol

    • GligarGuy
      GligarGuy 개월 전

      @singleflips Yikes, the pot calling the kettle black here.

    • singleflips
      singleflips 개월 전

      @GligarGuy The Steam Deck has an awful form factor? My guy, it's literally a million times more comfortable than a Switch. The layout of the joycons is awful for actual human hands, and referring to installing shit from the KDE Discover store in desktop mode is hardly hacking. You sound like you have no idea how to use computers, but what do I expect from the average Nintendo fan

  • NovaDelta
    NovaDelta 4 개월 전

    the most expensive part of the video was the gas he used to fuel the fire on the steam deck

  • Thomasm3000
    Thomasm3000 개월 전

    Kinda reassuring to know I can slightly bump my steam deck against my knee and not worry too much lol

  • Patrick
    Patrick 5 일 전

    wow ive lost count of how many nintendo switches this dude has destroyed

  • Julian Bogdan
    Julian Bogdan 2 개월 전 +1

    2:47 Made me laugh with the line
    This is VALVE! Not VAULT!

  • João Costa
    João Costa 4 개월 전 +45

    The opening scene is quite creative and hilarious.

  • Spyder 1124
    Spyder 1124 3 개월 전 +4

    For all the scared kids watching this -
    You aren't gonna be putting the deck in a washing or drying machine. Unless you are that stupid.
    Durability won't matter as much since you might as well use it on the couch only.
    And plus, it's his steam deck. Steam is making about a dozen every hour. You don't have to worry.

    • Champion _
      Champion _ 2 개월 전

      @Arman Ghaedi I spam it daddy

    • Arman Ghaedi
      Arman Ghaedi 3 개월 전

      (This dumb joke is based on a dumb youtube) bug When youtube lies and says it has 4 replies but theres actually none

  • Doge_WinXP
    Doge_WinXP 3 개월 전

    Imagine if the switch could still be usable via dock

  • Lapczc
    Lapczc 3 개월 전 +1

    The stream deck really is powered by a stream of water.

  • Xavier Hanna
    Xavier Hanna 4 개월 전 +3

    7:05 finally our plainrock Chad fantasies are coming true

  • Camila Nazario Pagan
    Camila Nazario Pagan 5 개월 전 +240

    I love when you make bored smashing even if it is a bad thing , I DONT CARE. Just keep on smashing while you become more popular and loved by me😄

    • Friendly Doge
      Friendly Doge 2 개월 전

      @omegalilbchass he mentions them as jokes and sarcasm a lot too ya know that

    • omegalilbchass
      omegalilbchass 2 개월 전

      @Friendly Doge he doesn't make these videos to entertain he makes them because he makes money off it. He literally mentions this in every video he's ever uploaded. He couldn't give a fuck less abt his fans 😭😭

    • Mayeel Athem
      Mayeel Athem 4 개월 전

      @George999 it takes a lot to make these kind of videos. Wdym he barely uploads? Its quality content and your critique really doesnt make sense. You must be a steam deck fanboy

  • Bendy_gaming
    Bendy_gaming 3 개월 전

    i loved it that he played Desk tabble from portal for the tolet test LOL

  • MarioHazardX268
    MarioHazardX268 4 개월 전 +7

    12:10 how strange, the switch didn’t drift from that?!

  • Banana Productions
    Banana Productions 4 개월 전 +1

    10:32 his face knew he waisted $1,000 😂

  • Mysuperpug
    Mysuperpug 10 일 전

    Honestly, I got mine last week, this is very satisfying

  • Gss5.1
    Gss5.1 4 개월 전 +39

    Hey Plainrock, I actually wonder if you've gained any strength from all that tech destruction. Have you?

  • Smash Playz
    Smash Playz 4 개월 전 +5

    16:16 - EEEWWWWW!!! 🤣
    Thanks once again for always being able to make me laugh King! I'm glad I took a break from editing tonight to catch up on your vids!

  • LiftSurfer52's Guide To Elevators And Escalators

    16:55 ok from this point onwards things will only get funnier

  • Lee Young Woo
    Lee Young Woo 2 개월 전 +1

    I was curious because normally smashing tech videos get way more thumbs down. But this was actually more of a durability testing video rather than just strait hammering. Some useful real life test would be so nice though e.g. In a heavy bag with 5 books and dropping.sitting on it. kneeing it.

    • Omabat
      Omabat 개월 전

      because plainrock is funny and original and self-aware
      people are just mad because he's destroying the things they like in videos

  • Random Shitposts
    Random Shitposts 23 일 전

    I like how he just is desperately trying to turn it on while in the sauna

  • Creamsicle
    Creamsicle 5 개월 전 +65

    I swear, if my man doesn’t smash an rtx 4000, I’ve lost all faith in him.

    • Flex
      Flex 2 개월 전

      @anindita basak he should smash it with an Xbox series x mini fridge while saying that the fridge is a way to “cool it down”

    • TheQastark
      TheQastark 4 개월 전

      Uhhh he smashed RTXs

    • Toto B
      Toto B 4 개월 전

      He definetly will

    • anindita basak
      anindita basak 4 개월 전 +12

      He absolutely should. RTX 4080 and 4090 will be overpriced, power hungry, hot and loud GPUs which should be smashed in the most brutal yet sarcastic way.

  • First Last
    First Last 4 개월 전 +4

    18:25 like the switch the Steam Deck also has layers.

  • RedGamer Kevin
    RedGamer Kevin 개월 전

    He needs to make a gaming channel I would watch it I would subscribe!

  • Joaquin Miguel Menorca
    Joaquin Miguel Menorca 4 개월 전

    I burst out laughing at this part 16:43

  • Tiny-boy098
    Tiny-boy098 4 개월 전 +1

    This man destroys anything he sees

  • Nort
    Nort 3 개월 전 +1

    10:23 I love that genuine smile

  • Isaac English
    Isaac English 개월 전 +1

    9:30 the iron was not even fully on the switch only the bottom part was

  • WilliamWinsItAll
    WilliamWinsItAll 개월 전 +1

    14:20 the switch should get the point cause it can also be used in tv mode

  • Davian Montalvo
    Davian Montalvo 개월 전 +1

    You are the best plainrock124 even when you board smash your are the best.😁😁😁

  • N4L3R '-'
    N4L3R '-' 5 개월 전 +63

    Putting the Valve Steam Deck on Valve and Steam is a pretty genius move

  • Just a Flamingo on youtube

    Fun fact:Steam can hold up agianst a rtx 80 better then nintendo

  • ItsAGamer
    ItsAGamer 3 개월 전 +1

    I don’t want to play with you anymore!
    This had me laugh hard.

  • Knottypine
    Knottypine 4 개월 전 +6

    Usually there's a bit of cringe seeing someone destroy a piece of tech that's somewhat limited in the market while some people haven't been able to get one yet. However, I did appreciate how you demonstrated how durable the Steam Deck is and how much punishment it can take before it dies. Thanks!

  • Epicman99
    Epicman99 4 개월 전 +2

    I didn't know what a steam deck was, i guess its just a WiiU to play steam games on.

  • Grifthefishy
    Grifthefishy 3 개월 전 +2

    Switch and Nintendo fans when they learned about the steam deck taking over the switch 18:51


    I'm so proud you made again your parts of other videos.
    The Comparison = COMMODORE 64 VS. NINTENDO 64 (3/4 years ago)
    The Music from Test 2 = Bored Smashing - LEGO MARIO (1/2 years ago)

  • Michael M
    Michael M 4 개월 전

    This is a 20 minute video…but you had me in the first 40 seconds

  • Conadz
    Conadz 2 개월 전

    Here I am just waiting patiently for a chance to even buy a deck 😭 good video though lol

  • Thicc beaf
    Thicc beaf 5 개월 전 +67

    I don’t get mad from him destroying tech but I’m not gonna lie a part off my soul does in this video. Still laughing from him calling the crowbar from portal lol

  • 🎃Bacon_lol #RoadTo300🎃

    When i was a kid i love smashing and that bring back memories i used to kill ants or bugs or toys with rocks and i smashed lego mario but my dad send me to hell

  • quazoinkaroo eg
    quazoinkaroo eg 10 일 전 +1

    POV: you are the clothes being ironed after plenty of months

  • Usman
    Usman 4 일 전

    You are one of the best smashing youtuber

  • Sony shake x70d lover

    I wonder if plainrock can destroy a big party music system since he destroyed a speaker on his Nokia 3310 video

  • unsold show
    unsold show 5 개월 전 +38

    The final valve test shows that size doesn’t matter which I really appreciate

  • Gibby
    Gibby 4 개월 전

    Me who watches plainrock regularly: hehe funni
    Me who never expected him to bring an rtx 3080 and smash it onto the steam deck: noOOOOOOOOOO

  • Shark Pog
    Shark Pog 4 개월 전

    ive been a fan of you for a bit, and i have been perfectly fine with every other bored smashing video untill today. this hurts me on a personal level and i feel like if you did a bored smashing video on the valve index i will melt into goo like the wicked witch of the east did in that one fucking fairytale with the robot and the little girl idfk

    • tomahawk
      tomahawk 4 개월 전

      Why does it hurt you that he destroyed a device

    • Dinnington Studios
      Dinnington Studios 4 개월 전

      Oh no he smashed a steam thing whatever will we do!

  • sxturn
    sxturn 3 개월 전

    I Love all of the puns King added in this video

  • Nightend
    Nightend 3 개월 전 +1

    plainrock - bangs the rtx graphics card on steam deck
    me - literally getting money withdrawls

  • Vr Idk
    Vr Idk 4 개월 전 +13

    Love that he can destroy so much stuff that's so expensive and have no regrets love his vids

  • Markuse videod
    Markuse videod 4 개월 전

    Remember, he breaks things...

  • NotSquidward🅥
    NotSquidward🅥 4 개월 전

    8:20 the switch should have lost because at the back of the screen there was a big crack and the buttons had a crack but the steam deck had a small crack

  • Kayden Keeble
    Kayden Keeble 개월 전

    I knew he was deliberately saying stuff from the wrong game but it somehow still ticked me off whenever he did

  • That Lol Guy
    That Lol Guy 2 개월 전 +1

    you hit the steam deck with the wrong side of the graphics card. I am disappointed but keep up the great content

  • OneUp117 Gaming
    OneUp117 Gaming 5 개월 전 +20

    The modern age of technology, only gets more expensive, and this man still does it. It might be wasting money, but for quality content, I don't care.

    • JmKrokY
      JmKrokY 4 개월 전

      He gets money back from it

    • Icelogist
      Icelogist 4 개월 전

      Thanks for not making a hate comment.

    • Mainframe Hacker
      Mainframe Hacker 5 개월 전

      Steam deck costs 400 dollars

    • lubiepsy
      lubiepsy 5 개월 전 +4

      the video's ad revenue makes up for the items he destroys

  • Ex0tic
    Ex0tic 4 개월 전 +2

    Steam : I hope people love the new steam deck Lets look on youtube!
    Planrock : opening it in a sauna
    Steam : thats not that bad.
    Planrock : slams it with a valve And cracks screen
    Steam : Ok lets go to plastic

  • Game addict
    Game addict 개월 전

    It was a weekend and you can't stop
    Us from going to the local dance spot
    Instead of drinking imported beers
    Somebody brought a bottle of Orphan Tears
    We popped the top, we know what was in it
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    Waitress asked, "What can I bring you?"
    I said, "The most expensive thing on the menu"
    She came back with a glass of liquid
    I said, "I asked for something different
    This looks like a normal beer"
    She said, "Nah, it's Orphan Tears"
    Took a swig then I walked down where the dance floor is
    Whole club looking like a forest
    DeeJay turned into a Brontosaurus
    Everybody in the club looked like Chuck Norris
    I tried to run to the bathroom
    But when I did I felt a vacuum suction
    Pulling me back slow
    Dance floor turned into a black hole
    Spinning around horribly
    Feeling like Dorothy
    Woke up and was still at home
    Orphan Tears got us in the zone
    Little children, near and far
    Don't know where your parents are
    Cry directly in this jar
    I will drink it at the bar
    (Sip sippin' on Orphan Tears)
    (Sip sip sippin' on Orphan Tears)
    (Sip sippin' on, sip sip sippin' on)
    (Sippin' sippin', sippin' on Orphan Tears)
    Little children, near and far
    Don't know where your parents are
    Cry directly in this jar
    I will drink it at the bar
    (Sip sippin' on Orphan Tears)
    (Sip sip sippin' on Orphan Tears)
    (Sip sippin' on, sip sip sippin' on)
    (Sippin' sippin', sippin' on Orphan Tears)
    Hello, with the pudding!
    H-H-Hello with pudding, pudding (Bill Cosby)
    Pudding! (Bill Cosby)
    Pudding! (Bill Cosby)
    Pudding! (Bill Cosby)
    Pudding (Bill Cosby)

  • José Concha
    José Concha 4 개월 전 +3

    17:18 Fun fact: you CAN get the crowbar in portal 1 By using cheat commands.
    sv_cheats 1 (Gives you cheat permissions.)
    Impulse 101 (Gives you Half life 2 weapons, Even the gravity gun.)

  • Thin Line
    Thin Line 4 개월 전

    Jesus! I just got the switch OLED and I thought that was big. just look at the size comparison to the DECK. its massive compared to the switch lol

  • Dratini_Masterwut
    Dratini_Masterwut 4 개월 전

    Imagine if King made a Plainrock with his face on it

  • LilGengerVR
    LilGengerVR 3 개월 전

    On the deck test the remote went off and broke off in a way so steam deck actually wn

  • icey
    icey 4 개월 전

    I am watching you for 3 years now so I saw it coming lol 😂😂