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every "back to school tech" video

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  • 게시일 2022. 08. 31.
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  • Plainrock124

    *Satire, don't actually buy Razer Products. They ruined my life.

  • MonkeyBus

    the girl that picked up the laptop was actually so sweet

  • shenhetaken

    this should be on TV this is a great ads in my opinion it actually shows what people are missing out on great deals and useful tech a well done video done by 124HD!

  • WilliamXu210

    I'm honestly surprised by multiple things in this video

  • Anthony Rowan
    Anthony Rowan 28 일 전 +98

    As a college freshman, I have genuinely seen a surprising number of people using an iPad and keyboard to take notes. I mean, I guess it kind of makes sense if you already have an iPad and don't want to spend too much more money on a midrange to high end laptop, but I had NEVER seen anyone do that before in my life.

  • Shitpost Status

    the fact that plainrock now has the budget to destroy a $30k tv is still unreal to me but i love it

  • TheOnlyDogo
    TheOnlyDogo 21 일 전 +62

    That Chromebook was actually pretty durable. You smashed the screen and broke it off and it still “worked”

  • David Cuevas Lopez

    Thank you so much 124HD!!! I went from spending $20 on school supplies to $200,069!! This needs to be on TV!

  • You Don't Know Me

    who wants to bet King didn't even enroll for any classes at whatever college that was, he just randomly entered lecture halls and roamed the campus as if he belonged there 🤣

  • DumBuddy
    DumBuddy  +597

    Haha, I missed these so much. Idk why I stopped watching. The public "break"-outs and actually down to earth jokes that make sense are soooo good. Love to see it.

  • gasun
    gasun 일 전 +3

    i remember marques recommending ridiculously expensive tech and he had the guts to call the video a tech for back to school video. honestly, everyone else did the same back then and it made D2D look like a normal guy in the insane asylum we call youtube.

  • Seagull2006

    as a university student, this was brilliant advice for me. now i have all the good tech that just made me take out 38 mortgages on my parent's house and sell a kidney

  • morelegit
    morelegit  +71

    the dedication this guy puts into his videos, to actually goto a PROPER classroom filled with college/university students AND play games is insanity. bravo king, bravo.

  • Pigmcginnyrig

    I love how KRclip listed out all the products in this video as if somebody is actually gonna be convinced to buy them

  • April
    April  +25

    Imagine living in a country, where buying all of this stuff is four times cheaper, than actually going to school 💀

  • Moderate Talks

    Sooo life changing! Thank you! I went from spending 30 dollars on school supplies to 5000 dollars! Truely life changing, leaving a sub!

  • Youtooz Goldie

    Thank you for this comprehensive and very useful review!

  • MarkDevy
    MarkDevy  +20

    The girl who asked if he was ok was so sweet lmao

  • RKType
    RKType  +58

    plain rock is cool and no one can tell me otherwise

  • lilac
    lilac 23 시간 전

    I love how he's so careful with the tech he usess