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  • 게시일 2022. 09. 08.
  • Water, Paint, Squids and GUNS. (Can't be Splatoon without these).
    Gameplay Used in Order (Cause I don't play Splatoon).
    Vlog Channel: krclip.com/channel/UClo-...
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  • Plainrock124
    Plainrock124  25 일 전 +2216

    I don't play Splatoon.

  • Blake KDM
    Blake KDM 25 일 전 +893

    After all these years he finally committed to his promise of throwing his Nintendo switch in a real lake

    • Oliver is Awesome
      Oliver is Awesome 2 일 전

      @Antho4L what are you talking about

    • Antho4L
      Antho4L 2 일 전

      It was a 3ds tho

    • Antho4L
      Antho4L 2 일 전

      Your a real one

    • Oliver is Awesome
      Oliver is Awesome 4 일 전

      @Sebastian Boza lol

    • Sebastian Boza
      Sebastian Boza 4 일 전

      He can't. He doesn't play Splatoon, it was all part of the sketch. So why did he do this in the first place?
      (I bet he doesn't play Metroid either making it pointless to make an Unboxing/Bored Smashing in the "HOW NOT TO UNBOX NINTENDO SWITCH OLED" video)

  • Matheus Quintanilha
    Matheus Quintanilha 2 일 전 +1

    I really appreciate your time doing this. This is really entertaining and well amazing,the quality in these videos satisfy me 👍

  • VarVarJeg999
    VarVarJeg999 6 시간 전

    The fact he makes tech destruction funny is really cool. Good luck on hitting 3 million btw.

  • Doge
    Doge 23 일 전 +63

    Only OGs remember when he threw a switch in a lake because he lost a Splatfest

    • Fin16
      Fin16 4 일 전

      In one of his 50 ways to break a Nintendo switch

    • Wisexxx2011
      Wisexxx2011 4 일 전


    • Angel
      Angel 5 일 전


    • Doggo King
      Doggo King 6 일 전

      I was there

    • aya
      aya 8 일 전

      Ohh YEAHH but it wasn’t a real lake Js a thing full of water

  • Ahhhhhh
    Ahhhhhh 2 일 전

    5:19 I imagine trying to return it to GameStop with all the pieces of the Nintendo switch he has now

  • TaQue
    TaQue 25 일 전 +294

    The fact this man waits in line for ages to get a limited edition switch just to destroy it is a level of dedication nobody could get close to

    • CR1MML
      CR1MML 일 전


    • TJ ;/
      TJ ;/ 6 일 전

      I couldn’t do that, but respect

    • Deo
      Deo 18 일 전

      @Zero1 What

    • Zero1
      Zero1 18 일 전

      @Deo then I shall remain a mystery to you since you don’t wanna answer me 💀

    • dag
      dag 18 일 전

      @MYLES he redid the unboxing scenes before breaking the switch

  • warwar4578
    warwar4578 2 일 전

    "splatoon has guns!" this is when i knew.. he was gonna SHOOT THE DANG THING

  • ArchaeGaming
    ArchaeGaming 12 일 전 +2

    Honestly, with all the connection errors… and the lack of dedicated servers… this is well deserved

  • Marmade
    Marmade 11 일 전 +1

    He actually made a reference to the “if mayo wins I’ll throw my switch in a lake” post, that is fucking epic.

  • Grizzly Animates
    Grizzly Animates 3 일 전 +1

    It hurt me seeing him throw the switch in the water.

  • MarioKartTrainzFan
    MarioKartTrainzFan 25 일 전 +185

    As a fan of Splatoon, This is so funny and entertaining!

  • cvt9454I
    cvt9454I 5 일 전

    As a splatoon fan, this is amazing
    especially the gun part

  • z0vex
    z0vex 24 일 전 +7

    The dangerous trained professionals part was definitely the amount of courage he has to go to his local GameStop and buy new things every year to destroy, as they probably see these. 😭

    • Max
      Max 11 일 전

      (And yes I counted the holes in it)

    • Max
      Max 11 일 전

      I thought it was where he shot the Nintendo switch 32 times, but that’s just me 🤷

    • The Robloxian Gang
      The Robloxian Gang 11 일 전

      skill issue

  • Sickomodebobby
    Sickomodebobby 24 일 전 +10

    its the "if mayo wins ill throw my switch in a lake" thing all over again.

  • earl
    earl 4 일 전 +1

    why do i have a feeling that plainrock is genuinely insane

    • earl
      earl 3 일 전

      @Spy Gaming well in the another 50 ways to break a siwtch lite, the part were he play with the light switch seems a little real more than a skit

    • Spy Gaming
      Spy Gaming 3 일 전 +1

      What makes you think that?

  • AnimeLuigiBoy
    AnimeLuigiBoy 25 일 전 +227

    It’s literally every time a console comes out, he gets ready.

  • donutlord65
    donutlord65 16 일 전 +1

    as a mega splatoon fan im not even mad honestly he did it right

  • Harel Shushan ;-;
    Harel Shushan ;-; 23 일 전 +2

    That was a very epic tutorial
    Thank you

  • GrandmaBakesCookies
    GrandmaBakesCookies 5 일 전 +1

    In all seriousness though, it is a pretty cool switch.

  • SpencEpix / Spence Severt

    “Like always, guns are the answer” wise words

  • Courtney Mertz
    Courtney Mertz 25 일 전 +605

    You are one of the only people that makes destroying electronics more entertaining than scary! As a tech guru myself, I'm usually terrified when I see someone destroy technology! This is not one of them! Keep up the good work!

    • The Robloxian Gang
      The Robloxian Gang 11 일 전

      @Ryan Farrell cry about it

    • Tyler N
      Tyler N 20 일 전

      @Axzellx smug bf??

    • Tyler N
      Tyler N 20 일 전 +1

      @Infu Riated yeah they're fatherless

    • Infu Riated
      Infu Riated 20 일 전 +1

      @DONT READ MY PROFILE PICTURE u got no daddy

  • JTOU Author
    JTOU Author 24 일 전

    I wasn't already a fan of the splatoon series, so this was a lot more entertaining

  • Recuerdos de la Televisión

    The How Not to Unbox Series is back, Thanks :)

  • johnbhoy04
    johnbhoy04 24 일 전 +1

    Good vid. It hurt a bit cause part of me wanted to get my hands on one but you made me laugh sooo

  • Broly with gun
    Broly with gun 15 일 전 +1

    As a splatoon fan this is funny as hell

  • Sahdat /Jamal
    Sahdat /Jamal 25 일 전 +86

    been watching this guy since the time he made the 50 ways to break a nintendo ds and he still is and will remain the best tech destruction channel to ever exist in my heart

  • JB2K20 Roblox
    JB2K20 Roblox 24 일 전 +2

    If I said it once, I should have said it a million times, there will for sure be people attacking him, specifically from the Splatoon fanbase

  • The Real Demon BF

    the paint part just hurts cus ik paint is hard to get out of clothes and im like 1000000% sure paint got on his shirt

  • YTgaming
    YTgaming 3 일 전

    It makes me happy he does this instead of me thinking what would happen if I did it

  • JJ The Hero
    JJ The Hero 24 일 전

    First unbox 1:04
    Next unbox 2:01
    Third unbox 3:20
    Last unbox 4:11

  • Monkeyboi
    Monkeyboi 25 일 전 +71

    Glad he put a warning not to do one of the scenes. Dumping squids on a switch oled is very dangerous, I’ll make sure not to do that.

    • Mr. Splat
      Mr. Splat 17 일 전

      Dang he deleted the comment

    • funny man
      funny man 18 일 전

      @Monkeyboi "uhhhm aschutally it was ze gun scehene" - 🤓🤓🤓🤓

    • Monkeyboi
      Monkeyboi 22 일 전

      @Hman r/wooosh

  • Electric Orange
    Electric Orange 24 일 전

    I love splatoon, but seriously love this dude. I’ve watched him for several years now at this point and live this guy’s content

  • ZabookaHD
    ZabookaHD 24 일 전 +1

    Awesome and hilarious as always!

  • steelhead
    steelhead 2 일 전

    You should of used a paint roller in the painting segment and call it a splat roller lol

  • ArisToad
    ArisToad 23 일 전 +1

    If one day someone had told me that an American would use a gun to shoot a Nintendo console, I absolutely would never have believed it!😂😂😂

  • TheMightyEmerald
    TheMightyEmerald 25 일 전 +127

    I knew it was only a matter of time before King destroyed something Splatoon related, and got some of the community on his bad side...
    (And as a Splatoon fan, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! 🤣)

  • ArchaeGaming
    ArchaeGaming 24 일 전 +1

    As a Splatoon fan, I find this funny.

  • KayR
    KayR 24 일 전

    As a Splatoon fan (who ironically enough is playing Splatoon 3 right now) this video makes me feel great pain. But on the other hand…it’s Plainrock124, I love this video.

  • Taco Bell Man
    Taco Bell Man 22 일 전 +2

    I don't feel bad for the switch I feel bad for the house getting paint on it

  • Shino
    Shino 24 일 전 +1

    I don’t honestly care that he’s breaking this it’s not my money it’s just super entertaining

  • Smashing things weekly
    Smashing things weekly 25 일 전 +25

    As a mega splatoon 3 fan, I actually find this as quality content

  • ThePhoneCollector
    ThePhoneCollector 23 일 전 +3

    For any kids saying “HOW DARE U SMASH IT!1!1!1!1!1!1” or so, stay mad

  • Max
    Max 12 일 전 +4

    This deserves more views

  • Train Boy 1545 productions

    I guess that must have been a huge mess to clean up 🤣

  • Rita Zeinaty
    Rita Zeinaty 15 일 전

    People asking him: so, what do you do for a living?
    Plainrock: uh, i- i- i destroy stuff for a living

  • Aharon Manes
    Aharon Manes 25 일 전 +49

    This is exactly why you’re my favorite tech KRclipr,you are brutally funny,hope you never stop making videos.

  • AbledProductions
    AbledProductions 24 일 전

    this was painful but yet so entertaining to watch

  • Taco-Thing
    Taco-Thing 23 일 전 +14

    I can FEEL the wave of “What a waste of money” and “He should have given it to meeeeee!” coming for this video

  • TheTrueChad AKA S.L.E.T.H.

    7:11 I love how the dude just looks at you like you’re crazy. (He knows)

  • BioZgamer
    BioZgamer 13 일 전 +4

    4:47 .308? the caliber is small enough

  • rxl
    rxl 25 일 전 +53

    I am placing all my bets on the squid part being done by a professional.

  • Dizzy V2
    Dizzy V2 23 일 전

    I love when after you threw that in a lake scene and said 'Somebody else probably did that!' On the top right it says IT WAS ME. Nice!

  • sidakid
    sidakid 24 일 전 +1

    I wonder how much of his earning went into buying soo many switches

  • Mary Rivera
    Mary Rivera 6 일 전

    the rock is Plainrock's most iconic smashing tool.

  • The 3rd grade maker

    Gotta call Technology support!

  • That Animatronic Person
    That Animatronic Person 25 일 전 +35

    I never thought I would see the day plainrock uses a actual gun

    • NFabian
      NFabian 8 일 전

      @RhandDuncan and In bored smashing chromebook

    • RhandDuncan
      RhandDuncan 8 일 전

      @Jenni Boo In a Texas vlog video where he went skeet shooting

    • Jenni Boo
      Jenni Boo 23 일 전 +2

      @Untitled_Pribor when

    • Untitled_Pribor
      Untitled_Pribor 25 일 전 +1

      He already used a gun

    • Secret Bucket
      Secret Bucket 25 일 전 +2

      Me neither but it was so funny

  • Tomato Raccoon
    Tomato Raccoon 21 일 전

    That first clip of him putting the chair in the car was done by a professional for sure👍

  • E_Kedi Oyun ve animasyon (+7)

    me: how many switches you smashed during this video?
    plainrock124: yes

    • Protato
      Protato 6 일 전 +1

      its almost always one

  • old sport
    old sport 22 일 전

    idk why but when you put the dock and the switch in the paint bucket it kind of felt satisfying

  • New York Ball
    New York Ball 19 일 전 +3

    I feel like a dad when I say. I’m more concerned about the house then the switch.
    Why am I more concerned about a house then a switch? You know what that’s a controversial question however I word it.
    Keep up the good work King :)

  • jdnsp06 ッ
    jdnsp06 ッ 25 일 전 +29

    he finally did his promise. "I'll throw my switch in a lake!"

  • felixthemii
    felixthemii 18 일 전

    the absolute madman did it
    i loved the video from start to end
    also if you didnt know the theme that played when King threw the switch into a lake, the song used is Splatoon 1's losing theme

  • *.~Razzi~.*
    *.~Razzi~.* 22 일 전

    Yes. I love this so much. It made my day.
    ✨Quality Content✨

  • - CRBY -
    - CRBY - 21 일 전

    That broke a bit of my heart cause I love Splatoon- 😦
    But very creative nonetheless

  • JuJu69th
    JuJu69th 24 일 전

    seeing king with a gun was honestly unexpected

  • Neptunic ~
    Neptunic ~ 23 일 전

    Throwing a switch covered in coloured paint should be the new version of throwing eggs or toilet paper at someone's house

  • (real)
    (real) 23 일 전

    as a splatoon fan, this is both funny and also makes me a bit angry

  • Abop Splat
    Abop Splat 24 일 전 +3

    Bro really dumped a bunch of mutilated squids on the switch… You forgot the octopus to!

  • Nick Podogyros
    Nick Podogyros 23 일 전

    Bro I'm a splatoon fun but this is too funny 🤣

  • Rina🏳️‍⚧️
    Rina🏳️‍⚧️ 25 일 전 +16

    honestly as a splatoon fan all i had was a good laugh. no real bad feelings. great job on this one!

  • UnfunnyMATTY
    UnfunnyMATTY 24 일 전 +1

    As a Splatoon fan since day 1 I endorse this video’s message

  • Teme
    Teme 24 일 전

    The end really caught me off guard

  • Average spinel Enjoyer
    Average spinel Enjoyer 21 일 전 +1

    Man bought like 5 nintendo switches for those opening box cutscenes and thats dedication

  • Fnaffan777
    Fnaffan777 24 일 전

    This short film deserves an emmy

  • JinAizawa 42
    JinAizawa 42 25 일 전 +36

    Oh my god he did it. I’ve thought of him making something related to Splatoon for a while. And he did it. Hell yeah.

  • Enemy Shadow Demon
    Enemy Shadow Demon 23 일 전 +2

    A couple of fun facts about this video:
    When he mentions someone already threw the switch in the lake, the "i tab" opens, mentioning it was him.
    One of the paint buckets is Huey from Color Splash.
    I hate the alternate alternate ending.

  • theandrew van
    theandrew van 24 일 전 +3

    4:40 he was using what I think is .22 then he went to like .380 or 9mm.

  • Jenny Boyd-Angelo
    Jenny Boyd-Angelo 2 일 전

    honestly after you dunked the dock In paint and threw it it looked better

  • Gust_The_Man 8000
    Gust_The_Man 8000 15 일 전 +4

    A game : (gets released)
    Plainrock with a hammer : HEEERES KING!!!

  • Harrison Daft
    Harrison Daft 25 일 전 +25

    Just gonna get this out there:
    I love Splatoon. 2nd favorite game from Nintendo, and I LOVED this video. Absolutely fantastic job plainrock.
    Stop crying that he did what he wanted with his money.

    • Infu Riated
      Infu Riated 20 일 전

      @fishcakes wasteful? How?

    • Infu Riated
      Infu Riated 20 일 전

      @Aaron if you see his hate comment videos, you'll see

    • Aaron
      Aaron 22 일 전

      @Harrison Daft yeah I see now

    • Harrison Daft
      Harrison Daft 22 일 전

      @Aaron A lot of people.

    • Aaron
      Aaron 23 일 전

      Who’s crying?

  • Russiaball
    Russiaball 24 일 전

    It's pretty much every time a special edition console comes out but I don't care all that much it's still entertaining

  • Nik
    Nik 24 일 전

    I don't know if i should Smash the Splatoon Switch or should i watch more of his videos.

  • Phantom lucario
    Phantom lucario 18 일 전

    This was pain to watch and I love it

  • Daniel Y
    Daniel Y 9 일 전

    I don’t know what that toy gun ammo takes but it sure is powerful 😂

  • Finn
    Finn 25 일 전 +72

    For a guy who doesn’t play, I respect this 🤣

  • Cappy 22
    Cappy 22 23 일 전

    Lol I never seen this guy before...but he's a beast

  • duellegend71
    duellegend71 21 일 전

    I came here looking for this and I’m not leaving disappointed ❤️

  • DifiuInfinite
    DifiuInfinite 24 일 전 +4

    Next Video: Bored Smashing - APPLE WATCH ULTRA

  • ThatHatGuy2000
    ThatHatGuy2000 22 일 전

    This video is cool, great job plainrock!!!

  • Captain Abazor
    Captain Abazor 25 일 전 +4

    This is sooooo hilarious! Plainrock NEVER, and I mean NEVER fails to deliver the goods!

    TOM THE NUB 21 일 전 +1

    plainrock into the multiverse of destruction🤣

  • _ X _
    _ X _ 21 일 전

    tech destruction simulator has such amazing graphics

  • haidzkek
    haidzkek 2 일 전

    At 4:24 it sound like a regular gun but at 4:28 it sounds so damn loud

  • Man
    Man 23 일 전 +1

    Bro has been planning this his entire life ☠️

  • _DjJazzyJake_64 S
    _DjJazzyJake_64 S 25 일 전 +59

    I’m a huge Splatoon fan, but I found this funny along with the rest of his content. Of course he uploads it while I’m playing Splatoon 3.

  • Ayo 😳
    Ayo 😳 24 일 전

    The last one got me 😂🤣

  • Cole Benson
    Cole Benson 24 일 전

    That on the other hand part at the end killed me 😂

  • Low quality YouTuber

    After this disappears from stores you could have sold it for twice as much

  • Gionny Man
    Gionny Man 6 일 전 +2

    I miss the grocery store phones...