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  • 게시일 2016. 07. 26.
  • Watch until the very end for some sneak peeks at future videos... ;)
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  • FooJay
    FooJay 년 전 +277

    As a Windows user, I can confirm the Windows 10 skit is accurate

    • Among Us Cool Man
      Among Us Cool Man 8 일 전

      Now I updated my 2011 laptop to windows 10 and it's bricked now

    • Doggy for iPhone
      Doggy for iPhone 14 일 전


    • jakethesnake200
      jakethesnake200 14 일 전

      You must upgrade to Windows 10 to comment

    • (insert joke here)
      (insert joke here) 개월 전


    • selections199
      selections199 4 개월 전 +1

      in 2015 nobody wanted to upgrade to Windows 10.
      in 2022 people want to stay with windows 10.

  • Nathaniel2256
    Nathaniel2256  4 개월 전 +6

    Way 42 is my absolute favourite
    The way King says "Calm down, bro", his face being really close to the camera and the laugh track/music is what makes this the best way.

  • emiritube
    emiritube 11 개월 전 +7

    I used to watch your videos when I was younger. Coming back to your old videos now!

  • Jaykob Leuthauser
    Jaykob Leuthauser 년 전 +3

    You should take it to a computer shop and ask them to repair it and say "my friend broke it..."

  • Nuttybook
    Nuttybook  년 전 +10

    I’v been watching this channel ever since 1k subs his channel has aged very well

  • Dark Venture
    Dark Venture 6 년 전 +43

    This was an amazing video King! Keep up the good work and I'm glad you took the time on your vacation to edit that! Thanks for entertaining me while I couldn't sleep! I will be on the lookout for more videos!

  • Emeri Chestnut
    Emeri Chestnut 11 개월 전 +2

    0:44 funniest part ever

  • IconicIdiot3829
    IconicIdiot3829 6 개월 전 +2

    I remember watching this four years ago!! Could be five, cannot remember.

  • IconicIdiot3829
    IconicIdiot3829 개월 전 +1

    Now the windows 10 skit is completely opposite with windows 11.

  • RowanCrE
    RowanCrE 10 일 전

    I love how the torrent screen is the "Windows is loading files" screen before installation
    I also thought the little sticker said "AMD K6" and I was like "what the fuck?", then I saw it said "A6" and then I was like "oh ok that makes sense"

  • sirwalkboy
    sirwalkboy 3 년 전 +29

    I realize that this is the best Plainrock video skit-wise. The skits are actually funny and even though the effort put into it wasn't as big as his videos today, it still made me laugh. King, you really should focus more on the skit rather than the product, because to me, that's the selling point.

  • Aida Carolina Ramos M.
    Aida Carolina Ramos M. 10 개월 전 +2

    Ways in the video:
    1. Basic Drop
    2. Basic Drop in Water
    3. PC Gamer
    4. Alarm
    5. Biking
    6. Windows 10
    7. Design Fail
    8. Flip Phone
    9. The Homeless
    10. iSheep
    11. Fandroids
    12. Coke Tower
    13. Shower
    14. Bath
    15. Breakup
    16. Inappropriate Videos (Deleted due to a copyright claim)
    17. Vegetables
    18. Discipline
    19. Cyberbullying
    20. Spotify
    21. Illusion
    22. Defective
    23. Fat People
    24. Screen Protectors
    25. Fanfiction
    26. MLP Fanfiction
    27. Vegan
    28. Unfriended
    29. Tripod
    30. Cancer
    31. Keyboards
    32. Wii Will
    33. Summer Reading
    34. Club Penguin
    35. Drama
    36. KRclip Drama
    37. WiFi
    38. Stair Wood
    39. Vertical Video
    40. Copyright Infringement
    41. Piracy Police (SUDDENLINK)
    42. Prank
    43. Piñata
    44. Recycle
    45. Trash
    46. Tools
    47. Bending
    48. Secret Love
    49. The Usual
    50. Plainrock124/This Video
    51. Sneak Peeks

  • Toaster
    Toaster 일 전

    Plainrock124:Dont try this at home
    Also him:proceeds to do in backyard

  • PingKarrot Gaming
    PingKarrot Gaming 5 개월 전

    When i found out that the laptop that you smashed was the exact same as mine, im like *bang

  • Sean Sweet Johnson

    11:02 5 Years Ago This Man is 17. And still a good editor than me

  • Windows 10
    Windows 10 3 년 전 +1885

    You can run,
    You can hide
    No matter what you do...

  • Intel Core i7-7700K
    Intel Core i7-7700K 4 개월 전

    I remember watching this when it was out on the same Toshiba laptop that was weird

  • Mercedes Cruz
    Mercedes Cruz 3 개월 전

    1:09 You cannot escape WINDOWS 10
    13:14 You cannot escape COPYRIGHT

  • TheBaconGodfather777
    TheBaconGodfather777 9 개월 전 +1

    “I’ve watched every one of Plainrock’s videos all the way through!”
    -said no one ever

  • Ethanious09
    Ethanious09 년 전 +10

    7:59 you got a point there king

  • Probuilds
    Probuilds 2 년 전 +156

    Legend has it, Windows 10 was automatically installed on that PC.

  • George The Gacha Kid
    George The Gacha Kid 10 개월 전 +2

    5:41 Liked When Mum Helps His Son Destroy The Laptop By Cutting Vegetables 11:12 And I Don't Like Summer Reading It's Boring 12:20 Stupid WiFi 12:38 And Liked How He Smacked The WiFi Router With The Bat 12:41 Also Liked When The Circuit BoardLaughed 12:42 Also And Liked When He Smashed WiFi Router

  • SpaceP1ckaxe
    SpaceP1ckaxe 년 전 +2

    Fun fact; this is secretly a bored smashing flip phone video

  • Nataliia Zakharova
    Nataliia Zakharova 2 개월 전

    Number 15 is definitely one of the perfectly cut screams

  • econo_plasta
    econo_plasta 10 개월 전

    Les agradezco a la gente q recopila las partes del video 👌

  • Lindsay Hen
    Lindsay Hen 5 년 전 +48

    started watching these a few months ago, now im totally hooked! you are one of my favorite channels. you deserve way more subs! ☺

  • Gustavo Xavier
    Gustavo Xavier 20 일 전

    12:20 this is me when the internet outages or when i am watching any video on youtube and the video suddently buffers. But i don't break anything when this happens

  • SuperTanooki64!
    SuperTanooki64! 11 개월 전 +5

    “Hey mom what’s for dinner” “oh I’m just getting started”
    *starts oven*

  • Meiliana Siulian
    Meiliana Siulian 11 개월 전

    Mój ulubiony moment

  • ConsCubing
    ConsCubing 9 개월 전 +3

    5:38 perfectly cut scream

  • Danielleisanidiot
    Danielleisanidiot 5 년 전 +21

    I loved the windows 10 one I almost died of laughter (literally my throat was hurting and closing up!)

    • Gmd mat 66
      Gmd mat 66 2 개월 전

      It's time to meet you again, how are you in here?

    • Marvin Yoani
      Marvin Yoani 3 개월 전

      @Elite Alpha ..... *wait what*

    • da dantheman1
      da dantheman1 4 개월 전

      and legend as it your still laughing to this day

    • Feni_
      Feni_ 4 개월 전

      What was ur best Windows 10 part? Hidden Progressbar 10?

  • Nooby_gamer
    Nooby_gamer 11 개월 전

    This really helped me!

    CPM_DRIFTER 8 개월 전 +1

    "installing windows 10 on incompatible device" i felt that

  • {💠EvilCarter💠}
    {💠EvilCarter💠} 6 개월 전 +2

    The thing at 7:18 says “JET FUEL CANT MELT STEEL BEANS”

  • Musha
    Musha 10 개월 전 +4

    Thanks for this, I recently fucked up my computer so I’m going to try one of these methods

  • Kelvin Tee KH
    Kelvin Tee KH 13 일 전


  • chartersamster
    chartersamster 4 개월 전

    5 years later
    Still broke my father's laptop.

  • GracerMacer
    GracerMacer 11 개월 전

    I think I have the exact same model. I just need the charger. I just hope it still works.

  • keegironi
    keegironi 2 개월 전

    I'm pretty sure that was like 1 million dollars worth of laptop

  • Melisa Coronel
    Melisa Coronel 년 전 +74

    basic drop 0:31basic drop in water 0:34 pc gamer 0:36 alarm 0:50 biking 1:01 windows 10 1:08 desing fail 2:35 flip phone 2:56
    the homeless 3:14 isheep 3:37 fandrois what the hell the same 3:52 coke tower 4:07 shower 4:47 bath 5:03 breakup 5:17 vegetables 5:40 discipline 6:05 cyberbullying 6:10 spotify 7:06 illusion 7:15 defective 7:23 fat people 7:41 screen protectors 8:04
    fanfiction 8:23 mlp fanfiction again 9:21 vegan 9:45 10:02 tripod 10:14 cancer 10:33 to be cotinue

  • AntekXDYT
    AntekXDYT 년 전 +4

    13:19 mój ulubiony moment

  • TY 5432
    TY 5432 7 개월 전

    I’m gonna turn all those into a meme😂

  • ItzQuerzY
    ItzQuerzY 3 개월 전

    first time i saw you i loved your videos its been like a year and im still subbed

  • Suicraft
    Suicraft 8 개월 전

    Dude, you really made my day, i hate my laptop so much, this was very satisfying.

  • Alex Parr
    Alex Parr 년 전 +22

    That laptop looks suspiciously like mine, not to mention they're both part of the Toshiba Satellite family. Wouldn't be surprised if they were the same model and everything.

    • Saul Goodman
      Saul Goodman 4 개월 전

      @Dead Meat Clone no My tittle says jellybean is cringe

    • Dead Meat Clone
      Dead Meat Clone 4 개월 전

      @Saul Goodman THE ACTUAL JELLYMID?

    • Дочка
      Дочка 4 개월 전


    • Toyota MR2
      Toyota MR2 5 개월 전

      I am traumatized cause I saw one of my relatives get tortured and killed

    • cosmo_thenaut
      cosmo_thenaut 6 개월 전


  • ShyTucky
    ShyTucky 5 개월 전 +1

    Ending kinda dark, sounds like a killer documentary tbh.

  • Canada #saveukraine
    Canada #saveukraine 3 개월 전

    11:02 I laughed here too many times

  • Minecraft the alex
    Minecraft the alex 9 개월 전

    7:56 omg I laughed when he swiped his belly at the laptop

  • Feni_
    Feni_ 4 개월 전

    Rename "Windows 10" here to "Forced to upgrade to Windows 10"

  • Captain BlueStar
    Captain BlueStar 3 년 전 +21

    You really broke that laptop.
    1:49 - You cannot escape Windows 10!
    4:48 & 5:04 - I would never play a laptop in the bathtub
    14:01 - Copyright everything!
    17:42 - Do not bend the computer

  • The Stelios Show
    The Stelios Show 8 개월 전

    If Windows 10 was being forced installed on an “incompatible” device in way 6, doesn’t that mean the device is compatible?

  • Dest1ny
    Dest1ny 년 전 +1

    that was my first ever laptop
    im crying rn lol

  • Ascended Vince
    Ascended Vince 11 개월 전

    Well I am here after my 3299 dollar laptop broke my parents… I just hope I have warranty

  • Xavier Middleton
    Xavier Middleton 5 개월 전

    I don't want to upgrade to Windows 10 and I'm going to escape Windows 10

  • Royce Longakit
    Royce Longakit 년 전 +13

    18:57 this is what happens if you overclock your laptop too far.

  • SkittlemanYT
    SkittlemanYT 6 개월 전

    I have to be honest the windows 10 jumpscare got me

  • DasHeisstViet
    DasHeisstViet 년 전 +4

    "What will you do when you have 100 million dollars?"

    • That1RobloxPlayer
      That1RobloxPlayer 년 전 +2

      This is one of the best comments ive seen ever due to it being acuallly possible someone could do this-

  • Sebastian Boza
    Sebastian Boza 년 전

    01. Basic Drop
    02. Basic Drop in Water
    03. PC Gamer
    04. Alarm
    05. Biking
    06. Windows 10
    07. Design Fail
    08. Flip Phone
    09. The Homeless
    10. iSheep
    11. Fandroids
    12. Coke Tower
    13. Shower
    14. Bath
    15. Breakup
    16. Inappropiate Videos (Deleted)
    17. Vegetables
    18. Discipline
    19. Cyberbullying
    20. Spotify
    21. Illusion
    22. Defective
    23. Fat People
    24. Screen Protector
    25. Fanfiction
    26. MLP Fanfiction
    27. Vegan
    28. Unfriended
    29. Tripod
    30. Cancer
    31. Keyboards
    32. Wii Will
    33. Summer Reading
    34. Club Penguin
    35. Drama
    36. KRclip Drama
    37. WiFi
    38. Stair Wood
    39. Vertical Video
    40. Copyright Infrigement
    41. Piracy Police
    42. Prank
    43. Piñata
    44. Recycle
    45. Trash
    46. Tools
    47. Bending
    48. Secret Love
    49. The Usual
    50. Plainrock124

  • Elix
    Elix 개월 전

    the fact that it still worked after all tht smashing

  • ♛WhiteyThePro2406♛

    imagine if a video existed like:50 ways to save a laptop from breaking

  • KillaCam reactions

    He broke his router guess it’s time to record with a 3DS

  • Bradley
    Bradley 2 개월 전

    10:39 - 11:01 I'm dying laughing

  • Rosegirl398
    Rosegirl398 9 개월 전

    Watching this now that I have a new computer since my other one was ruined from cat pee and my old one has to stay plugged in if you want to use it because it doesn’t have a battery anymore

  • WindowsSonic124
    WindowsSonic124 2 개월 전

    Now I know the hammer's place...

  • PenSteel
    PenSteel 5 년 전 +31

    01- Basic Drop
    02- Basic Drop on Water
    03- Doritain Dew
    04- iComputer
    05- Biking on Computers
    06- Remove Windows 10
    07- Macbook Stand
    08- Flip Phrow
    09- Homeless People
    10- Running on Computer
    11- 10 v2
    12- Coke Thrower
    13- Water Flow
    14- Water Flow 2
    15- House Drop
    16- Hammers
    17- Knives
    18- Headsmash
    19- Feminist Frequency
    20- Loud Music
    21- President Bush did 9/11
    22- Hosesmash
    23- McFat
    24- More Hammers
    25- Roof Jump
    26- Bleach
    27- Stupids
    28- Bloodrop
    29- TriNails
    30- Toy Throw
    31- Piano Drop
    32- Wii Will Rock U
    33- Book Throw
    34- Communism
    35- Water Spill
    36- More Roof Jump
    37- Connection Error
    38- Unkilled
    39- Limited Space
    40- CopyWrited Hammers
    41- Zootopia XXX
    42- Leg Smash
    43- Blindfolded Bats
    44- Basketball
    45- BasketFail
    46- Professional Breaking
    47- Blending
    48- Window Throw
    49- Fire
    50- Whatever You Want

  • zaastn
    zaastn 11 개월 전 +1

    Thanks man, bc of you, my brother has destroyed my laptop literally 😄 /s /srs

  • ChaosMediaVlogs
    ChaosMediaVlogs 3 일 전

    8:23 Laptop really said "I'm fanfic Phobic" (THIS IS A JOKE!)

  • George Bell | Roblox, Songs, and more!

    5:07 "I mean what's the worst that can happen?"
    5:09 (FLASHBACK)
    5:12 "I don't think it'll be that bad."

  • Mathleys
    Mathleys 6 개월 전

    The windows 10 bit got me dead

  • Mauricio Rodriguez
    Mauricio Rodriguez 2 년 전 +22

    10:41 Greatest technology crossover I’ve ever seen

  • RecklessVacuum
    RecklessVacuum 7 개월 전

    I asked the manager at a phone store
    "Does this protect my phone?"
    He Said yes
    I time him i want 2
    And what car he had
    Then tested it
    When i came back
    The next day
    He was mad
    and i Blamed him
    Because he Said it protected the phone

  • Jairo Mendoza Animations
    Jairo Mendoza Animations 6 개월 전 +3

    Will it Bend. That is the question 17:04

    • Tin_Pot
      Tin_Pot 5 개월 전

      Will it Bend
      Pls don't sue me

  • ㆍ
     10 개월 전

    3:54 This is accurate as an android user that knows samsung makes Apple parts.

  • BlossomGamer827
    BlossomGamer827 년 전

    1:32 God Level Editing

  • Lamboghini_the1st
    Lamboghini_the1st 2 년 전 +62

    5:39 a perfectly cut scream moment

  • Tails_Gam3r
    Tails_Gam3r 5 개월 전 +1

    10:33 For me, that stage is very funny cuz i think laptop's noise when fall is funny ;-;

  • Quandale Dingle
    Quandale Dingle 년 전

    ah when androids still sucked...
    good times...

  • Pejuta little elk 123
    Pejuta little elk 123 2 개월 전

    1:08-2:33 its a good thing my pc is already windows 10 hopefully they don't do the same thing but with windows 11 or 12 or 14

  • a person
    a person 11 개월 전 +4

    "In russia it's not windows 10.."
    *"ITS 10 WINDOWS"*
    *casually receives 10 laptops*

  • sr840
    sr840 년 전 +34

    18:21 the macbook should love him actually more. This is the brain of a Windows Laptop.

    • akatsuki noob
      akatsuki noob 년 전 +1

      @sr840 yeah

    • sr840
      sr840 년 전 +1

      @Hari Das I didn't say its 50 ways to break a macbook

    • Hari Das
      Hari Das 년 전

      This Is Not 50 Ways To Break A Macbook
      This Is Only 50 Ways To Break A Laptop

  • Qantas032
    Qantas032 11 개월 전

    13:13 happens with me all the time when I upload a music video

  • Elijah R
    Elijah R 년 전 +2

    Back then, nobody wanted windows 10, but Microsoft tried to make everyone get it. Now, everyone wants Windows 11, but Microsoft makes it super hard to get

  • Nguyễn Khoa
    Nguyễn Khoa 9 개월 전

    Laptop: Would you like to upgrade to Windows 10?
    My laptop: *Has Windows 11*
    Me: Windows 10 was like 3 weeks ago for me.

    • Ceag
      Ceag 9 개월 전


  • Ethan Schuerman#2
    Ethan Schuerman#2 4 개월 전

    This is my favorite part 7:07

  • Fabrício Lamana
    Fabrício Lamana 2 년 전 +17

    4:47 I wish i could do that if my laptop was waterproof... No problem! I was still funny!

    • SirMikay
      SirMikay 2 년 전 +1

      (Insert misunderstood reaction here)

  • RambleMinecraft5694

    The powerful laptop has come to destroy the tower of Coca Cola! 4:33

  • Juju Binx
    Juju Binx 년 전

    2:03 Force intlalling Windows 10 on incomparable device

    CUSTY CLIPS 11 개월 전


  • Ameen Arshad P
    Ameen Arshad P 5 개월 전

    As a windows 11 user I can't relate to the win 10 skit

  • beigecomputerclassics
    beigecomputerclassics 5 년 전 +20

    Isn't it incredible how fast your channel grew in the last time?
    I watch your videos since you had 200 subscribers. Great Job dude!

  • Chickyty5 And Fred The Surviors

    7:23 I Can't Stop Laughing

  • JaredHiroyuki
    JaredHiroyuki 4 개월 전

    13:14 Copyright Infringement
    1:06 Windows 10

  • Dest1ny
    Dest1ny 년 전

    me watching my childhood dreams burn down

  • Slush  the  new dog
    Slush the new dog 5 개월 전 +1

    Yes that lot of damage 😂😂

  • BlackR3v
    BlackR3v 년 전 +29

    12:20 me trying to connect my old tablet to WiFi

  • Jelly Gabriel
    Jelly Gabriel 2 개월 전

    When you was throwing the flip phone It was likes you was throwing eggs😂😂😂

  • stinkypluto
    stinkypluto 2 개월 전

    14:08 i love how that copyright logo is destroying a laptop

  • Sylas ☆
    Sylas ☆ 10 개월 전 +1

    I smashed mine so hard while coughing to the point it froze and it isnt ok now its broken it’s a windows 7 so old man

  • Benjamin Chesko
    Benjamin Chesko 7 개월 전

    Emotional damage to that laptop.

  • Land of nothing The YouTuber

    3:10 The phone looks to be more broken than the laptop

    • uh oh
      uh oh 년 전 +1

      Yeah it does