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Bored Smashing - Wii U!

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  • 게시일 2017. 03. 09.
  • Bored Smashing - NES Classic Edition! www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0BAy...
    Another 10 minute video taking advantage of the search popularity of the Nintendo Switch! This will be the last one. I promise....
    Amam 1234
    Andre Q.
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  • Enigmaboy
    Enigmaboy 6 개월 전 +34

    5 years and this thing never gets old! This felt very special to me because this is how I discovered him! This has to be a nostalgic and amazing video from 2017!

  • NalyrYoutube
    NalyrYoutube 2 년 전 +284

    Going into his backyard is probably like a minefield of console pieces

  • Glow Squid KING
    Glow Squid KING 6 일 전

    I’ll have you know that i have been using my Wii U for almost 8 years now, and its STILL my favorite console. I even have a switch currently, and i would still call the wii u my favorite console.

  • Jude.
    Jude. 년 전 +3

    I just wanted to tell King that his videos are the only ones that make me feel happy in the first 3 minutes. THANKS FOR ALL THE MEMORIES!😋

  • tr oll
    tr oll 5 년 전 +26

    I've always liked these kinds of videos it's interesting to see how much the console can take before it breaks keep up the good work and don't listen to the hate!!!

    • cool
      cool 4 개월 전

      ye bro i love this man but my mom hates him :(((((((

    • mr.funfun
      mr.funfun 7 개월 전

      Bruh I don’t hate but I like wii u

  • TheDevilish
    TheDevilish 5 일 전 +1

    This is the first video i watched by plainrock!
    Never gets old!!!

  • The Fox Critic
    The Fox Critic 3 개월 전 +4

    as someone who loves the Wii U with all my heart, this was painful to watch but boy was it interesting

  • Gen
    Gen 2 년 전 +12

    The slow-mo smashing part is so satisfying. :)

  • NoahTheSarcasticTD
    NoahTheSarcasticTD 년 전 +70

    First: he's a tech destruction youtuber
    Second:it's his money
    Third:he decides if he destroys it or not and also he bought it for cheap anyways.
    Fourth: he's making money from youtube

      VUBROS GAMERS 3 개월 전


    • pencakss
      pencakss 년 전

      @Edmilson Manoel Gonçalves lol is a good console to beat my Friend

    • I don’t care
      I don’t care 년 전 +1

      @Suspicion I agree, since I was a kid and didn’t know the Wii U’s failure. Despite knowing that the Wii U is a failure, I still have it as like memories.

    • MicrowavedBiscuits
      MicrowavedBiscuits 년 전

      @Suspicion I’m so confused by what you just said to that other guy, can you repeat that again?

  • Average Boi
    Average Boi 2 년 전 +90

    The fact that hes wearing a Sonic hat while delivering a Nintendo Switch still gets me.

    • Emvy
      Emvy 개월 전

      @Drunk dog sega is alr. havent rly gone into sega much but they seem pretty nice compared to nin

    • Drunk dog
      Drunk dog 개월 전

      @Emvy what about saga

    • Emvy
      Emvy 3 개월 전

      @Beluga this was a year ago. i hate nintendo now

    • Beluga
      Beluga 3 개월 전

      @Emvy nope

    • SuperSonicGaming
      SuperSonicGaming 6 개월 전

      @Emvy really, it was Sony with the PS2, but it was also Nintendo (in a way)

  • Onof Clips
    Onof Clips 2 년 전 +6

    My first ever bored smashing ever and it was great!

  • Breadley
    Breadley 2 년 전 +12

    The reason why the gamepad wasn't working is because he lost on splatoon.
    The rest is your imagination. But afterall that is just a theory, a gamepad theory.

  • Commentarylemon
    Commentarylemon 년 전 +8

    Plain rock knows what everybody wants destroying overpriced or high demand crap

  • starz
    starz 년 전 +182

    Wii U: “Man, I can’t wait for the next console!”
    The Nintendo Switch: *haha...*

    • Amiel’s Moving Pictures
      Amiel’s Moving Pictures 10 개월 전

      @Ailopeformers thank goodness in the end its just another wii u he ordered

    • Uglify
      Uglify 년 전

      @Meen Beed you are 6 comment this

    • Ailopeformers
      Ailopeformers 년 전 +2

      @BacklightTerruvia the wii u will get smashed
      Wii u regrets saying that

    • Ailopeformers
      Ailopeformers 년 전 +1

      @BacklightTerruvia lol

  • Marco Saldo
    Marco Saldo 2 년 전 +5

    You could name your tools like the hammer should be the screen shatter

  • Ninuno
    Ninuno 9 개월 전 +1

    This was my first Plainrock video, he made me upset. Now, I love this guy.

    • OscarOG
      OscarOG 8 개월 전

      same, i have the same story you had

  • George The Gacha Kid
    George The Gacha Kid 8 개월 전 +2

    2:38 This Part Was So Funny

  • Cheeseborger
    Cheeseborger 년 전 +8

    That people literally gone ragequit in Splatoon and sell a fully-fuctional Wii U for 30$ just because his GamePad was broken lol

  • Zak Pint
    Zak Pint 3 년 전 +8

    This has got to be the greatest video of all time!🤣 I love how he keeps constantly breaking the Wiiu😆👏

  • Idk a V1nce fan
    Idk a V1nce fan 11 개월 전 +1

    I like how it’s a crossover of bored smashing and moving on

  • JD P.
    JD P. 2 년 전 +102

    "I'll be there in a few minutes!"
    not even a few seconds later
    "Just a Second!"

  • Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez 2 년 전 +21

    king’a logic: well, the leg has been ran over by a car but it’s still in one piece. well, the other leg has been stabbed, other than that, it’s ok

  • Chupaco85
    Chupaco85 년 전 +1

    First video I saw from plainrock124 4 years ago. Pop up in my recommended after watching Nintendo switch reviews. Those were the days LOL

  • CrateofJuice
    CrateofJuice 5 년 전 +7

    Hey plainrock, I watch your bored smashing videos all the time, keep it up!

  • Les amis de Roblox

    I discovered you thanks to this video and I love the Wii U it's my favorite console.

  • Saltmelon
    Saltmelon 2 년 전 +3

    Even though I love the wiiu, and this vid kind of hurts, I still think this is a good video!

  • TerminalGalaxy
    TerminalGalaxy 2 년 전 +1

    I love how honest he is about profit

  • PokéMaster
    PokéMaster 개월 전

    This Was The First Plainrock124 Video I Ever Watched
    Memories are coming back in!!!

  • Byte
    Byte 5 년 전 +4

    2:31-2:39 had me in tears from laughing so hard

  • marinyt3
    marinyt3 년 전 +5

    3:06 good youtube content 😁👍

  • Don’t read my profile

    He went back in time to see how great memories with it so awesome

  • A normal stickman
    A normal stickman 년 전 +13

    My wii u when I’m watching this : oh no
    Me: oh it’s not gonna hurt
    Me:*throws it from the fifteen floor*
    My wii u:i think i broke my bones *dies*

  • New skys
    New skys 2 년 전 +2

    After being watch a few videos from you channel it really helping me to release my stress, keep smash or destroying more staffs.

  • Kodufan
    Kodufan 5 년 전 +3

    You are just a great content creator with awesome and funny humor, KEEP IT UP!

  • Johan sanchez
    Johan sanchez 5 개월 전

    Even tho I want a Wii u I'm not complaining THIS IS AWESOME

  • bigolboris
    bigolboris 2 년 전 +15

    " i'll be there in a few minutes just give me a second (five hours later)" that gets me every time lmao

    • Nuttabutta
      Nuttabutta 2 년 전 +2

      That one kid: actually he said “I’ll be there in a minute just one second” so your 100% percent wrong

    • Kelsie Schuster
      Kelsie Schuster 2 년 전

      You want t

    • euphoric9
      euphoric9 2 년 전

      Me when I am on KRclip XD

  • Shaz
    Shaz 2 년 전 +54

    "We're gonna go back to the stone ages and use a rock"
    "That kinda sounded like iraq, sorry for the people who were offended"
    Me (from iraq): heh, where I live in iraq is actually kinda a rock
    Sorry that was dumb

  • The Memer YTP
    The Memer YTP 년 전

    Nintendo consoles are surprisingly durable. One time in the 90's in Bosnia, a GameBoy was found at a bombing site in near perfect condition.

  • Wesley Roberson VA
    Wesley Roberson VA 5 년 전 +30

    I really love your bored smashing series king great job and keep it cool and don't forget happy mario day!

  • A Person
    A Person 년 전 +2

    Remember moving on Wii where the Wii U said that it couldn’t wait for the next console?

  • Christian's Purple Laser Gang EVOLUTION (Official)

    2:30 funny recording
    Wii U: Oh no, I'm being replaced!
    NS: Hell yeah you are.
    Wii u: But then where do I go?
    NS: See if I give a f***.

  • SnacksForSnackay
    SnacksForSnackay 년 전 +12

    i bet nintendo uses these videos to study how to make their consoles more durable

  • Goaty
    Goaty 2 년 전 +7

    2:35 I’m laughing to death, for this voice!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cooper
    Cooper 5 년 전 +4

    The switch looks so awesome! I can't wait to get one!

  • Raydaman18
    Raydaman18 11 개월 전

    "I'll be here in two minutes, just one second!"
    -Plainrock124 2017

  • Nicholas Gauci
    Nicholas Gauci 7 개월 전 +1

    Don’t Break The Wii U, I Love It So Much

  • Ryann McIlwaine
    Ryann McIlwaine 년 전

    Ohh the sad memories I have of getting rid of the WiiU...I cried when I got rid of it...plus the WiiU was a big part of my childhood

  • Connor Fennessy
    Connor Fennessy 9 개월 전

    First, he uses ACTUAL plainrocks to smash the wii u, then he has TWO OF THEM???
    I don't think this guy is okay. Call the ambulance.
    (Wii u wii u wii u wii u)

  • Water Melonz
    Water Melonz 5 년 전 +4

    PlainRock Don't Let These Haters Bring You Down You Put Editing Into This Great Job.

  • Furby Gaming Old Channel 125

    Wii U: Oh No I’m Getting Replaced
    Nintendo Switch: Hell Yeah You Are
    Wii U: But But Am I Getting Killed?
    Nintendo Switch: See If I Give A F*ck

  • bram bell
    bram bell 2 년 전

    The only reason I would get rid of my Wii U is if they made a Punch Out game for the Switch, and even then, I probably still wouldn’t do it

  • Lo Rider
    Lo Rider 2 년 전

    Plainrock: Wii U is durable.
    8:50 I wonder if that's changed.

  • yamsandwhich
    yamsandwhich 년 전

    It’s almost been 4 years since the Nintendo switch... I’m excited for a new console. I’m sure one will come out soon
    Edit: Nintendo switch pro comes out this year! Woo

  • CodyFloaty Gaming

    One of my favorite consoles destroyed now I know if it's going to be easy or hard if I intentionally break a wii u

  • TerraMati
    TerraMati 개월 전 +1

    This is probably the only plainrock124 video that hurts me. The Wii U was my childhood. Though I still don't care too much it's his money and not my Wii U.

  • Technikfan
    Technikfan 2 년 전 +2

    Me, when I’m losing Mario Kart 8 for the 100th time 😂

    JODDDYYYY 8 개월 전 +4

    I know this is a joke, but what people throw out old consoles when the successor comes out? I know some people who do this and it scares me

    • Tlmun
      Tlmun 6 개월 전

      no , if you look at his "How many nintendo stuff do i have" video you can see he kept his first ever wii u , and bought a broken one for this video

  • Termination I
    Termination I 2 년 전 +9

    The fact he shaved his hair is crazy

  • Rylan Mills
    Rylan Mills 2 년 전 +5

    He brought a new console to make money with an old console so then he would get what he paid Nintendo back.
    Stonks man!

  • Footylad
    Footylad 2 년 전 +7

    This guy doesn’t need to worry about wasting money on electronics to break because he earns back the money from youtube.

    • S. Kerr
      S. Kerr 2 년 전

      XxFrostyyy2008xX waisting Waisting WAISTING WAISTING!?

    • sswaggyabel
      sswaggyabel 2 년 전 +1

      Yeah the people who said he’s waisting money on breaking video game consoles there stupid because he earns money by breaking stuff
      These People Who Says Plainrock124 Is Waisting Money Are LMAOS

    • Jack Irvin
      Jack Irvin 2 년 전 +1


  • katielol
    katielol 2 년 전

    6:27 gotta get them critical hits

  • Thomasjayne77
    Thomasjayne77 2 년 전 +2

    Every Wii U owner: Why did you smash it?!?!? I love my Wii U, there's just one problem: Everything.

  • Dash1345
    Dash1345 년 전 +2

    I remember playing wii u in 2016 and I was made a good console but now it's old that nice memories :)

  • A random Baryonyx
    A random Baryonyx 11 개월 전

    Plainrock124 destroyed a system that is still good to this day, but I’m not mad, I already have a Wii U

  • NightF1y
    NightF1y 2 년 전 +1

    Anyone else saw the bug at 2:22 on the cardbord box

  • SuperNotNova
    SuperNotNova 2 년 전

    2:22 man is lucky, he took back the wii u from the bee in the trash can and it didn't even sting him

  • thrs
    thrs 년 전

    Moving On and Bored Smashing at the same time...
    It was time for Thomas to leave.
    He has seen everything.

  • dannyboots
    dannyboots 년 전 +1

    WiiU can handle slams on the concrete while the Switch can barely handle a few months of use on the anolog stick

  • Satellaview
    Satellaview 5 년 전 +5

    I'm not sure if this is his Wii U...
    He posted on twitter that he got a broken Wii U from eBay/Amazon (I don't know) and found out that it was still working.
    Either way this video was amazing and entertaining, I've loved this series, even the Tamogachi video!
    I hope you hit 100k subs, you deserve it!
    Edit: I'm so stupid, I didn't realise that he says it in the video!
    Either way it's an entertaining video!

  • Lennon&Yoko Forever Bunnys

    Nintendo switch be like: oh shoot here we go again

  • space
    space 년 전

    The 15k dislikes are from people who own and raise their wii u like its thier child

  • Ian Eons
    Ian Eons 년 전 +2

    He loves the Wii U, but this is just for entertainment

  • a random toad
    a random toad 2 년 전

    Wow, the wii U is stronger than the switch lite

  • James Guarino
    James Guarino 4 년 전 +8

    I love videos that are self aware and that the creator knows that they are doing this to make money. I think it’s the funniest thing ever. 😂

  • RareBrockStar K
    RareBrockStar K 2 년 전 +1

    Even though I still want one of these I don't care what you do with your own money great video keep up the good work.

  • Wil Bourke
    Wil Bourke 2 년 전

    The WiiU isn’t *that* bad, at least it’s not the 2DS or Virtual Boy!

  • Bunnygamer97
    Bunnygamer97 3 개월 전

    By the end of this video the Wii U is still in perfect condition

  • Jace Vinson 🇺🇸
    Jace Vinson 🇺🇸 2 년 전 +1

    Fun fact this is the first video from plainrock124 I ever saw

  • nft master
    nft master 6 개월 전

    I remember watching this when I was younger

  • Eric Andre
    Eric Andre 2 년 전

    I wonder if king played the legend of Zelda yet also great video

  • WarkSide & Co
    WarkSide & Co 년 전 +1

    No no no! It's not the Wii U but the Nintendo Switch!! 😂 😂

  • legotrolls213
    legotrolls213 2 년 전

    7:30 Before he hit with a bat, makes a Tetris

  • Zxyelte
    Zxyelte 년 전

    King Laing is playing with console as dolls 😂

  • MarioLover5554 🇺🇦 Save Ukraine

    Me with 2 wii u 's I'd smash one if I got 2 wii u's
    Me with two Nintendo switches: Nope! I'd like to keep them

  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel Castillo 10 개월 전

    I love your videos

  • some idiot
    some idiot 9 개월 전

    first video i watched from you. I was looking for a video of someone removing the buttons from the gamepad, like you did with the switch lite

  • Mr Nelson
    Mr Nelson 2 년 전

    2:35 What did the Wii U say?
    It sounded like "But I'm gonna water a Q!"

  • Dylan Higgins
    Dylan Higgins 2 년 전 +3

    5:08 we're gonna go back to them stone age lol

  • Kirsten Louis
    Kirsten Louis 2 년 전 +7

    Bored smashing WII U: NOOOOOO
    more like how to make the best memories with your WII U

  • Chronic Plush Films

    I’m probably gonna get harassed for saying this but the Wii U was my first ninetendo console and it is actually a decent console especially the games

    • Chronic Plush Films
      Chronic Plush Films 년 전 +1

      @Green Sonic The Hedgehog ok then

    • Green Sonic The Hedgehog
      Green Sonic The Hedgehog 년 전 +1

      I believe it’s OK it’s just not that good as people act like it is most a good games were rather ported the switch or PlayStation and Xbox

  • Comrade_Gamer
    Comrade_Gamer 2 년 전 +670

    Plot twist: he went -back- to the future and saw that every good game on the Wii U was gonna be ported to the Switch, so he made this video.

    • CYRIL_lostlife23
      CYRIL_lostlife23 개월 전

      Bro the Wii U is 1,000,000

    • Johan Gaming
      Johan Gaming 개월 전

      @Ron Millbrae they ported it in a new switch game

    • Zayzay
      Zayzay 개월 전


    • Fan
      Fan 개월 전

      @卐 I mean now there is it super Mario 3-D world for the Nintendo switch now

    • Lacky Man
      Lacky Man 2 개월 전

      666 likes on this comment moment

  • Mr. BonziBUDDY
    Mr. BonziBUDDY 2 년 전 +12

    0:30 This Is How USPS, UPS, and FedEX Delivers The Stuff You Want.

  • Renatoluciano Lopes SANTOS

    eu ganhei finalmente o Wii U Deluxe Set Dia 2 de Janeiro de 2021

  • 女Яuu
    女Яuu 2 년 전

    One another from scratch to home!

  • Nishendo
    Nishendo 년 전

    Feels kind of good to break the Wii U

  • Point Gaming
    Point Gaming 10 개월 전

    I have the switch but honestly I would rather have the Wii U because I like the old Nintendo games. I’ve been begging my mom forever.

  • Elijah Willis
    Elijah Willis 년 전

    You know what are those video games that you love breaking will run out

  • Macaroniman
    Macaroniman 2 년 전

    Wii to WiiU: Transfering Wii save to WiiU and selling Wii
    Transferring from WiiU to Switch: SMASHING WIIU AND MAKING A PROFIT OFF OF IT

  • Stupid Metal Hardrives
    Stupid Metal Hardrives 7 개월 전

    "Time to switch"
    I see what you did there