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  • 게시일 2015. 05. 09.
  • I don't think they will call back...
    PHONE SCAMMERS HATE ME: www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwhP1...
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  • Plainrock124
    Plainrock124  3 년 전 +14979

    Just wanted to let you know, after 4 years, UMG finally caught me and claimed the video for “Baby.” That’s why a few seconds are muted btw.

  • Singh ji _
    Singh ji _ 2 년 전 +11185

    A phone scammer called my brother he spoiled endgame for him

  • Cwak
    Cwak 년 전 +317

    "Get a life and get a girl"
    Yet this guy scams people for money, while PlainRock is making money off of something harmless.

    • bixelminers
      bixelminers 2 일 전

      @aikiie wrong, got a video with 1 million, got 600+

    • aikiie
      aikiie 26 일 전

      @Googlycorrect me if I'm wrong but every 100k views you get ABOUT 500 dollars.

    • Ekto
      Ekto 6 개월 전 +1

      "harmless" technology fears him

    • Googly
      Googly 10 개월 전

      @rIshano channai his least viewed video has 200k views which means he made at least $100 from it

    • rIshano channai
      rIshano channai 10 개월 전

      @Clement Poon pretty sure he just gets 10 dollars for some videos p

  • DarkRoyale
    DarkRoyale 10 개월 전 +177

    The last one was such a good sport. Very disappointed that he was scamming people. He seems like such a nice guy. Would love to be his friend.

    • Shadow Boi
      Shadow Boi 24 일 전

      @Cezory you got a point

    • Cezory
      Cezory 24 일 전 +1

      @Shadow Boi maybe he just got roped into a sketchy company and cant leave bc blackmail and stuff

    • Shadow Boi
      Shadow Boi 2 개월 전 +1

      @LexenRL I guess but there are like a LOT more options then scamming

    • LexenRL
      LexenRL 7 개월 전 +4

      some ppl just need money man 😞

    • Meme eater
      Meme eater 7 개월 전 +3

      Yeah. I hate him but at the same time I don't for that reason

  • JarredPlayz
    JarredPlayz 년 전 +24

    Dude i think you actually made some people quit their jobs by pranking them and saying they scam. You just literally save 1000 lives from getting scammed. You deserve a gold medal!!!!

  • GameHackGirl
    GameHackGirl 3 개월 전 +6

    This video inspired me to respond to phone scammers in hilarious ways. Thank you, King! You’re hilarious.

  • Kile C
    Kile C 2 년 전 +6034

    If a scammer would call me, I would just say, *"911, What's your emergency?"*

  • Sonia Hernandez
    Sonia Hernandez 7 개월 전 +5

    Dude that was the chillest scam caller I've ever heard. Respect.

  • katsparadiseeee
    katsparadiseeee 년 전 +158

    This is how I remember him.

  • Freddy Pedraza
    Freddy Pedraza 년 전 +9

    It's so weird that in the early 2000's it was super rude to hang up on someone, but with the rise of the phone scammers now I just hang up without explaining unless it's a job

  • Q
    Q 5 개월 전 +1

    The 19th scammer is a good sport. GG for him. He gained alot of respect now.

  • Tilly
    Tilly 2 년 전 +1792

    The dislikes are from all the scammers you’ve annoyed lol

  • The Living Liver
    The Living Liver 년 전 +4

    what i like to do is make the scammer think they’re luring me into their trap but really im luring them into mine, which is wasting their damn time and giving them false hope that they finally have a victim to steal from

  • shyia
    shyia 6 개월 전 +6

    not gonna lie i always come back to this video atleast 80 times a year, theyve evolved too much. we need an updated version

  • NewSallyPurpleYT : :

    These are good and funny ways to mess with scam callers.

  • Oxen Ham
    Oxen Ham 년 전 +2

    So it seems like you are the one calling these people and wasting their time. Good on you, you are the hero we need but don’t deserve.

  • noodle
    noodle 5 년 전 +8728

    that dude before the last one was such a good sport, gg to him.

  • Muskugee Deluxe
    Muskugee Deluxe 11 개월 전 +1

    This brings back memories when he do prank calls, so awesome.

  • Retro Ronin6315
    Retro Ronin6315 년 전

    6:56 just wanna say, he literally just took personal info off you because you made the call longer. Also, this was hilarious! You have s great sense of humour:)

  • TotallyNotBlue
    TotallyNotBlue 7 개월 전

    I actually did this 10x today 😂 this was hilarious. Especially the reverse trick.

  • zboy1775
    zboy1775 2 개월 전 +1

    This was my introduction to this channel, damn good times.

  • chase
    chase 5 년 전 +4819

    I want a scammer to call me...

  • TokyoIsGodly
    TokyoIsGodly 개월 전 +1

    This genuinely put a smile on my face

  • pl4sma_guy
    pl4sma_guy 년 전 +6

    I use to watch this all the time, and I finally came back when I first realized that this was 6 years ago.. that’s crazy.

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali 9 개월 전

    An air horn should teach my scammers a lesson. Their entire call center will be notified of that loud sound. I just don’t answer since my carrier deals with filtering the calls.

  • SpookyScaryEndoSkeletons


  • Katelyn
    Katelyn 3 년 전 +9854

    *Weird location*
    Prank caller: where are you?
    Me: _somewhere over the rainbow_

  • Galaxso
    Galaxso 4 개월 전

    After years this still makes a laugh lol

  • Animated Anna
    Animated Anna 년 전

    6:26 she really thought she was getting a free trip but instead she got a taste of her own medicine

  • Aesth
    Aesth 년 전 +3

    6:24 I love how chill he was what a wholesome man.ñ

  • J.J. BMX
    J.J. BMX 년 전

    Annoyed?? Bruh, these are the highlights of my week! It’s so fun to troll these people.

  • ILikeTurtles E
    ILikeTurtles E 2 년 전 +1457

    “You have won a free cruise”
    -2 seconds later-
    “You took to long”

  • Archie Kilgour
    Archie Kilgour 개월 전

    I'm watching this 7 years later and it's still comedy gold

  • Girlfriend
    Girlfriend 3 개월 전

    One time I got a scam call like this, and I just put my phone on the engine of my car then honked the horn for 10 seconds straight.

  • Beanos
    Beanos 4 개월 전

    For every single scammer that calls me I say in the stitch impression “I will hunt you down faster than your dad left you to go get the milk”

  • Sonic blazer 820
    Sonic blazer 820 6 개월 전

    1:46 I liked that he just told on himself that he’s a scammer

  • RavenTheTT
    RavenTheTT 6 개월 전 +3

    6:23 This is the best way to scam a scammer

  • Ref
    Ref 년 전

    When I saw this a few years ago when I saw the captions I died🤣 THIS VIDEO IS TOO MUCH FOR ME ITS SO FUNNY

  • SuperMarioCowan
    SuperMarioCowan 년 전

    Thank you Plainrock! This really helped me when a scammer calls me and it was really funny when i would use these so thx!

  • Denisas 1256
    Denisas 1256 2 개월 전

    This is the funniest scam calls ever 😂

    GBEATZ 년 전 +881

    “Get a life kid” says the one scamming people for a profession

    • Jake and Noah Gamez
      Jake and Noah Gamez 5 개월 전

      @TRS Scorpion ThE sToRy O f My LiFe

    • piotr dymek
      piotr dymek 5 개월 전

      Lol, a phone scammer called my brother, he's a pre-teen

    • ExclusiveKlotz
      ExclusiveKlotz 9 개월 전

      @SheDrainingTheRiceWithColanderOhMYGOD😱!😱 Imagine leaving a hate comment on a comment.

    • mansterj
      mansterj 10 개월 전

      @Akula It must dance for me.

    • It’s Jordan
      It’s Jordan 11 개월 전

      666th like. 😈

  • Vannalemon
    Vannalemon 년 전

    This happened to me 2 month, and I did all the stuff to annoy them, and they blocked me, LOL

  • OwenDino Studios
    OwenDino Studios 년 전 +1

    This is possibly one of the more funny videos I have seen

  • Doomsdayyy
    Doomsdayyy 4 개월 전

    6:22 she actually sounded like a genuinely nice person

  • Pewie
    Pewie 년 전

    I once got a scam call and I rickrolled them, they thought I was at a train station

  • I suck
    I suck 2 년 전 +1249

    "get a life and get a girl"
    That's pretty big talk for someone who makes a living out of sitting there and scamming people all day

  • Alan Pearson
    Alan Pearson 년 전

    the thing is sometimes i can't tell if its a scam call or just some company who got the wrong number

  • Tari :D
    Tari :D 2 개월 전

    That one scammer was actually a good sport

  • His Way Services Blog
    His Way Services Blog 8 개월 전

    "We're not allowed to scam anyone outside of the United States." You slipped, dude.

  • the72nd.marioclone
    the72nd.marioclone 년 전 +1

    if i ever get scam called for my pc i would pretend i'm mega stupid and get confused on everything

  • 100 Subs
    100 Subs 3 년 전 +652

    6:35 I loved this guy. We need more people like this.

    • Benjamin Jr
      Benjamin Jr 2 개월 전

      you want more scammer lmfao

    • MegaSnorlax124
      MegaSnorlax124 2 개월 전 +1

      you can tell by his voice he wishes he could’ve been doing literally anything else

    • Ash
      Ash 2 개월 전 +1

      No we don't he's a scammer

    • may
      may 3 개월 전


    • may
      may 3 개월 전 +1

      Omg (0:23)

  • Sky
    Sky 2 개월 전

    I got a call like this, so I just put my phone near a fluorescent light and said I was calling from the backrooms.

  • xXItzKingHawkProXx{GMD}

    2:32 bro i always do that LOL 😂🤣

    • Ben
      Ben 년 전

      Ikr 😆

  • PokeJames
    PokeJames 11 개월 전 +1

    2:46 killed me and ya I died for it

  • No
    No 3 개월 전 +1

    the second to last one was such a good sport :):) i may like to annoy phone scammers, but if i ever recognize that voice, ima say "I was watching that video u were in"

  • Ferox Best of
    Ferox Best of 4 년 전 +358

    All 3.351 dislikes are from phone scammers

    • j
      j 4 년 전 +1

      Darkskidmark Thats the point of it😂

    • Ben Schabel
      Ben Schabel 4 년 전


    • Darkskidmark
      Darkskidmark 4 년 전

      Or people that just didn’t like the video. Probably because it was fake and cringey as fuck.

    • izanami i
      izanami i 4 년 전

      Including from India

    • Dominic Rob.
      Dominic Rob. 4 년 전

      Ferox Best of Yep

  • Samantha.
    Samantha. 7 개월 전

    If a phone scammer called me i would literally take everything in my swear jar out and use them

  • Trackside Rails
    Trackside Rails  8 개월 전 +2


  • TheInfiniteLegend

    1:56 the scammer speaks the truth.

  • Masu ;-;
    Masu ;-; 9 개월 전

    I’m gonna do this to scammers this is so funny

  • Madison
    Madison 4 년 전 +2258

    you didn’t blur out the scam numbers...ima scam a scammer now!!🤣

  • GHB
    GHB 2 개월 전

    I experienced that too and they don’t even leave a voicemail calling me while i’m working.

  • AArslxnYT
    AArslxnYT 10 개월 전

    i love how king put “what scams can i qualify for”

  • treeckoboi1
    treeckoboi1 6 개월 전 +1

    You should add a way where you rickroll the scammer (play "never gonna give you up")

  • Ahmed gamal18
    Ahmed gamal18 년 전

    Thanks For Turning Scammers Into Raging bois

  • BlueEyes
    BlueEyes 2 년 전 +1644

    scammer: where do you live
    me: somewhere in a house
    scammer: where is that house
    me: next to my neighbor's house
    scammer: where is your neighbor's house
    me: next to mine

    • bella !
      bella ! 2 년 전 +1


    • ii_qdx
      ii_qdx 2 년 전

      Ok let me continue
      Me: next to mine
      Scammer: where is you neighbors house and your house
      Me: *on mars*

    • dead channel
      dead channel 2 년 전


    • Mangobaby
      Mangobaby 2 년 전

      lol i seeen dat

    • Microwave
      Microwave 2 년 전 +1

      Scammer: Where are yours and your neighbor’s houses?
      Me: In my neighborhood.

  • Kayhan Patel
    Kayhan Patel 2 개월 전

    I laughed a lot while watching this video

  • Hm hm
    Hm hm 4 개월 전

    0:55 to 1:01 I started to cry my eyes in laughter

  • randomgyYEET
    randomgyYEET 7 개월 전

    there should legit be a part 2 to this

  • Australian Wiffle Ball League

    Please do another annoying phone scammers video!! There so funny!

  • tara
    tara 4 년 전 +1390

    Next time a scammer calls me I'm gonna play ear rape right over the mic.

  • SilverYT
    SilverYT 년 전

    6:36 That dude was just such a kool boi. gotta respect that

  • Bear Maple
    Bear Maple 년 전

    I annoyed a scammer once and she told me to get a life and job lmao

  • Mystical Wish
    Mystical Wish 년 전

    I miss this plainrock he actually uploaded frequently and isnt just smashing random things now

  • MilkBottle 牛乳びん RIP Techno

    As a Japanese Korean Arabian Indian British Irish person, I don’t remember not getting racism

  • Camp Camptrash9
    Camp Camptrash9 4 년 전 +458

    When you accidentally make friends with the scammers 😂

    • Florin Cristian Gheorghe
      Florin Cristian Gheorghe 4 년 전 +1

      Chick Fixs true

    • Felix
      Felix 4 년 전 +2

      Chick Fixs how all my friends are made

    • Kay Zero
      Kay Zero 4 년 전 +1

      tragicunaturalginger lol props for creativity

    • isabella azcorra
      isabella azcorra 4 년 전 +4

      Whoops 😬
      Would never happen to me, I’d just scream “NO SUE! I DON’T CARE THAT TOMMY BROKE UP WITH YOU!” Then put on a sad song, because why not?

    • Kay Zero
      Kay Zero 4 년 전 +4

      Chick Fixs i literally just got a scam call and lets say..... they won't call anytime soon lol

  • Stranded Ice
    Stranded Ice 년 전

    Im glad this was in my reccomended list. I LAUGHED SO HARD. LOL

  • DarkRoyale
    DarkRoyale 10 개월 전 +2

    1:55 "you are so funny get a life and get a girl"
    He says that when he's scamming people. So disrespectful.

  • Mystogan Gaming
    Mystogan Gaming 개월 전

    Thank you for annoy the scammers

  • TanqR
    TanqR 년 전

    The dislikes are probably from the scammers.

  • Killer
    Killer 4 년 전 +199

    Scammers r so lucky they get to listen to jokes and pranks all day

    • xxx d34th
      xxx d34th 4 년 전

      My mom gets... uh... nothing 'cause she's dead.
      OH! But my grandma- I used to believe that she pranked them, the scammers that phoned her, in her grave but...

    • Selina Lee
      Selina Lee 4 년 전 +2

      Rafia sarfraz lmaoo my mom gets super pissed and always yells “GET A JOB!”

    • XDX13
      XDX13 4 년 전 +4

      Rafia sarfraz true

  • SteliosBreaker 64
    SteliosBreaker 64 년 전 +1

    5:30 the prize company that gives fake prizes that SCAMS PEOPOLE inc.

  • Ice cube
    Ice cube 년 전

    Good video i just got 7 scam calls and i used your ways to end that

  • Meer Modi
    Meer Modi 년 전

    This video is hilarious xd I would try some the next time i get a call:)

  • Greenskull
    Greenskull 년 전 +1

    Keep up the good work

  • Sly The Phantom
    Sly The Phantom 5 년 전 +208

    You sure taught those scammers a good lesson

  • Jack Albanezi
    Jack Albanezi 년 전

    I love how the one scammer told king to get a life lmao

  • Yukiremi
    Yukiremi 년 전 +2

    how to annoy them: *this is the fitness gram pacer test*

  • Icevscoolman
    Icevscoolman 년 전

    Wished I saw this back then anyways made me laugh.

  • I_draw_ Whatever16
    I_draw_ Whatever16 년 전 +1

    The dude in 6:34 was actually a noice dude wonder what made him start taking scam calls

  • Norway Girl
    Norway Girl 4 년 전 +287

    You earned my respect
    You earned my admiration
    And you have earned my subscription.
    Now if you will excuse me. I am going to do this to all my friends because they all scam me.

  • ThatOneWeeb
    ThatOneWeeb 년 전

    Don’t give them a fake zip code who knows they might find a result for some other person’s zip code and could possible scam them

  • King Darwin And Jetix

    6:30 I Laughed So Hard

  • TJ ;/
    TJ ;/ 11 개월 전

    What if you could scam the scammers…

  • Yin yang Yt
    Yin yang Yt 8 개월 전

    This video is so nostalgic. I remember when my friends and I first watched this in school

  • SplashJ
    SplashJ 3 년 전 +212

    A scammer kept calling me so I leaked the number of the scammer and some of my friends called back and recorded everything is was so freaking funny watching the scammer defend himself 😂

  • Apparition_83
    Apparition_83 년 전

    After five years, It’s still funny.

  • Spy Gaming
    Spy Gaming 년 전

    Fun fact: All scammers are one person


    Ah nostalgic, AND STILL FUNNY!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • Rich Crystal
    Rich Crystal 년 전

    If a police officer gets scammed, they would immediately find out