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Bored Smashing - TESLA MODEL S

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  • 게시일 2019. 07. 09.
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  • Imtiyaz Ahmed
    Imtiyaz Ahmed 2 년 전 +2372

    The window on the kids Tesla is stronger than the cyber trucks windows

  • ILoveApple & Youtube
    ILoveApple & Youtube 11 개월 전 +43

    Imagine the kid who originally owned this, seeing the video 😂

  • Aaron Manchester
    Aaron Manchester 2 개월 전 +14

    1:24 Now the steering wheel looks like the one on your current red Tesla.

  • Ronin Glover
    Ronin Glover 개월 전 +4

    Him: This is the closest thing I have to a Tesla.
    The actual Tesla sitting in his garage: Are you sure about that?

  • Llan
    Llan 7 개월 전 +7

    This guy is literally the best guy to have in a zombie apocalypse scenario. Give the man a hammer, and he’s off.

  • jmem
    jmem 3 년 전 +431

    Man, I love watching grown men testing out toy cars. Beautiful. *puts a tear to my eye*

  • Turtles
    Turtles 10 개월 전 +30

    3:48 I laughed so hard when I saw the IIHS logo had been turned into "SHIT"

  • DuckBoi
    DuckBoi 11 개월 전 +27

    the car: waiting to be buyed
    gets buyed by plainrock124
    the car: regrets wanting to be buyed by this phsyco path

  • NotDreppy
    NotDreppy 8 개월 전 +8

    2 years later… that red Tesla grew up and became king’s new car. Yep including the new steering wheel

  • HorrificShark
    HorrificShark 5 개월 전 +1

    1:35 future tesla steering wheel design comes true

  • Nicholas Ludford
    Nicholas Ludford 3 년 전 +2249

    This turned into a Tesla channel pretty fast

  • William Wildcat
    William Wildcat 4 개월 전 +1

    1:25 mini version of kings Tesla model s 2022 even with the new steering wheel/yoke or whatever

  • Epic Cearlo
    Epic Cearlo 8 개월 전 +1

    And that's how Tesla maded the Yoke steering wheel. King just did it

  • a-TrickyGamer
    a-TrickyGamer 4 개월 전 +14

    The broken steering wheel looks like his new Tesla’s steering wheel

    • DemoWhii
      DemoWhii 개월 전

      it looks nearly like a s plaid tesla wheel

    • William Wildcat
      William Wildcat 3 개월 전 +2

      @PogPug me too

    • PogPug
      PogPug 3 개월 전 +2

      ik i thought that too

  • 80sTechKid
    80sTechKid 4 개월 전 +2

    1:24 King made the steering wheel the new one!

  • Farees Murshed
    Farees Murshed 3 년 전 +2440

    Mrbeast: destroying my friends car
    Plainrock124: destroying Elon musk's son's car

  • Atticus Harvey-Bennicke

    That was a solid 3 minutes of pure destruction or more

  • Floonbo
    Floonbo 10 개월 전 +12

    Skateboard with sledge hammer: I call it the tesla destroyer 2000

  • Vinx
    Vinx 8 개월 전 +10

    1:24, plainrock predicted the yoke wheel for the plaid 😳

  • Thaddeus Watson
    Thaddeus Watson 9 개월 전 +9

    is everyone gonna ignore that he accidentally invented the Yoke steering wheel???

  • IdkWoozy
    IdkWoozy 3 년 전 +328

    Made me laugh so much. Classic king. One of My favorite youtuber who can actually make me laugh.
    It’s so unrealistic sometimes but it’s pure comedy

    • Frankie gmaing
      Frankie gmaing 6 개월 전


    • Ahmad plays in phone
      Ahmad plays in phone 7 개월 전

      This is also my favorite KRclipr he pretty active because he did vid of smashing things in 12 years ago such a nice day

    • D0NUT_3SSAM ☻
      D0NUT_3SSAM ☻ 년 전 +1

      It’s so so funny man😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • IdkWoozy
      IdkWoozy 3 년 전 +4

      HQ Girl 😂😂

    • HQ Girl
      HQ Girl 3 년 전 +4

      Shiro, the Shinigami omg same😂😂😂😂

  • daniel
    daniel 년 전 +6

    It's funny that this has more dislikes than the actual model s destruction video

  • RowanCrE
    RowanCrE 3 개월 전 +1

    2:18 I'm curious how it would handle something like 180 or 190 pounds

  • Cringe lord
    Cringe lord 11 개월 전 +2

    Wow…they….they put everything that a real Tesla had…..I wanna be 4 years old again

  • Creator_Playz
    Creator_Playz 8 개월 전

    This dude kind of predicted his new Model S Plaid. (yoke steering wheel, red car)

  • Soda_can
    Soda_can 3 년 전 +60

    all he needs is a "proud tesla owner" shirt to really drive home the fact that he owns a tesla

  • Christopher Lirette
    Christopher Lirette 8 개월 전 +1

    I love how King Lang predicted the new steering wheel for the Tesla

  • Erin Harrison
    Erin Harrison 6 개월 전 +1

    "I've had a fun several months with this thing,but now,I need some garage space back *starts breaking the toy tesla*" I died 😂

  • Ahmad plays in phone
    Ahmad plays in phone 7 개월 전 +2

    When king destroy the steering wheel now the Tesla model s is become new Tesla model s plaid

  • Leon Jr
    Leon Jr 11 개월 전 +3

    Top Ten Things NOT to say on a real crash test zone

  • False
    False 2 년 전 +144

    10:06 me trying to enter my car with no keys

    AIDA PRIMA 년 전 +5

    Me: finally I can keep this Tesla to my self now what the hell
    Elon Musk: I smell Tesla’s

  • Ok
    Ok 5 개월 전 +2

    King has predicted the future! The steering wheel from the toy was a "yoke". Fast foward to today... the new Tesla's now have the yoke wheel.

  • NIKE RailfanningTTM
    NIKE RailfanningTTM 8 개월 전 +4

    8:50 I died of laughter....imagine seeing your neighbor carrying a Tesla up his or her stairs.....LMFAO

  • Ebbe Ohrling
    Ebbe Ohrling 8 개월 전 +1

    1.26 that’s how they came up with the new Tesla model s steering wheel

  • AL3X
    AL3X 3 년 전 +190

    “Ooooo dangerous electronics” king proceeds to hammer it down with a hammer. 😂😂

    • Choker123
      Choker123 11 개월 전

      @Rood Konijn p

    • Carolyn Nance
      Carolyn Nance 3 년 전 +1

      Hammer it down with a hammer. I thought I would be hammering it with a bazooka. Thanks for clarifying!

    • NeedyBoBeedy
      NeedyBoBeedy 3 년 전

      Rood Konijn sorry

    • NeedyBoBeedy
      NeedyBoBeedy 3 년 전

      Rood Konijn ok

  • JeffXGaming
    JeffXGaming 8 개월 전 +1

    1:26 the tesla turned into a model s plaid ...

  • Antto Lilja
    Antto Lilja 4 개월 전 +5

    He accidentally predicted The F1 inspired modern Tesla steering wheel! Who would've thought?

  • ItsDiamondBoy
    ItsDiamondBoy 개월 전 +1

    Plainrock124 predicted the NEW Tesla Model S steering wheel 1:22 - 1:34

  • Nick4x4rx
    Nick4x4rx 9 개월 전 +2

    The toy model S broken steering wheel looks like the PLAD one

  • A Man Online
    A Man Online 3 년 전 +11

    King always makes me laugh. For people who get mad at him for breaking stuff like this, two things.
    1. He makes money off these videos... more than he spends on them
    2. It's his own money. He can do whatever he damn well pleases with it.

    • Person Me
      Person Me 2 년 전 +1

      And instead of just destroying it on his own he records it so we can enjoy

  • Neko Cat
    Neko Cat 6 개월 전

    How to destroy the car instantly: Just poke the battery and have fun😂

  • Jack
    Jack 6 개월 전 +1

    He preticted the steering wheel of the new tesla model s plaid !!! 🤯🤯
    Elon probably watched this tho 😂😅

  • Tesla Model Y Performance

    The man predicted the yoke on the Tesla before actually getting one.

  • z0ski
    z0ski 6 개월 전

    this was the first plainrock video i ever saw and watching it in 2022 brings back memories

  • FreshlyToasted
    FreshlyToasted 3 년 전 +11

    Hey plainrocky I just wanna say I’ve been watching you for a while thanks for making edgy and funny videos keep up the good work

    • Dixedd
      Dixedd 개월 전


  • HBCprime
    HBCprime 년 전 +2

    I laughed more when he listened to a Lamborghini music in a Tesla lol

  • NitroSheep67
    NitroSheep67 15 일 전

    that broken steering wheel is what inspired the new model s wheel

  • sanjay shanmugam
    sanjay shanmugam 년 전 +1

    Lol, no one notice king's prediction on yoke steering of model S plaid

  • Qwerty Poiuyt
    Qwerty Poiuyt 11 개월 전

    I guess Tesla got motivation out of how the steering wheel looked

  • Jack Hann
    Jack Hann 2 년 전 +31

    11:50 it looks like the Cyber truck

  • Davi Gamer MT
    Davi Gamer MT 2 개월 전 +1

    Press F to Respect the Tesla

  • LucyTheLoudHouse
    LucyTheLoudHouse 2 개월 전

    4:28 that’s what I call plain rock!

  • Robert norvell
    Robert norvell 8 개월 전

    The Tesla was strong as I thought it would

  • Beraat Köksal
    Beraat Köksal 4 개월 전 +1

    bu adama bayılıyorum

  • Danny T
    Danny T 3 년 전 +193

    Imagine his neighbors watching him break a toy car with a sledge hammer XD

  • DougPlays
    DougPlays 4 개월 전

    Imagine Elon Musk Seeing This As A REAL TESLA.

  • Snowy Pet 2022 [DO NOT UNSUBSCRIBE OR HACK] 🇺🇦

    Tesla's broken steering whell looks like mclaren720S's steering whells

  • Hot Rod Road To 2023
    Hot Rod Road To 2023 4 개월 전 +1

    10:23 he recreated a Toyota bumper after tiny contact

  • Spencer Lane
    Spencer Lane 3 개월 전

    And before you start smashing the wheels you should’ve put the battery in and see if it still drives from Spencer Lane

  • Tallan Medeiros
    Tallan Medeiros 3 년 전 +238

    Next thing you know everything in his house is gonna be electric and he’s gonna have a license plate saying *lol gas?*

    • Mike Gunn
      Mike Gunn 년 전

      2:45 this is my favorite part

    • 24kyeezy
      24kyeezy 년 전

      @Andre nope it has exactly 7 but without the question mark it can be 6

    • chellyrod1343
      chellyrod1343 3 년 전


    • chellyrod1343
      chellyrod1343 3 년 전

      Thank the doctor

    • Andre
      Andre 3 년 전 +3

      it has more than 7 characters oof

  • MrSucc6000
    MrSucc6000 9 개월 전 +11

    2019: Destroys Toy Model S
    2020: Destroys Actual Model S
    2021: Upgrades to Model S

  • Hotdogguy
    Hotdogguy 년 전

    this man is sacrificing his life for kids to be safe

  • Kyle Randoms
    Kyle Randoms 5 개월 전 +1

    im just saying, *he made the yoke 2 years before tesla announced the yoke*

    FRANKLIN K 11 개월 전

    Plainrock124: Ooh, dangerous electronics!

  • some random person
    some random person 3 년 전 +44

    Elon musk: *makes electric car*
    Plainrock : im about to end this mans whole career

  • MR_ Panda
    MR_ Panda 2 개월 전

    Спустя 3 года ютуб порекомендовал это видео и мне стало больно когда он разбил игрушечную теслу

  • GeneralFern
    GeneralFern 9 개월 전

    The fact that hes actually doing it for real now

  • 준이
    준이 년 전

    Lol maybe Tesla got the steering wheel design for the MS plaid from when king broke the top of the steering wheel

  • Zoya Sh
    Zoya Sh 5 개월 전 +6

    Insane how he just smashes the hood of the Tesla with a sledgehammer 🤣🤣🤣

  • Uber8
    Uber8 3 년 전 +7

    Imagine being the garbage man and seeing a destroyed Tesla model S for kids

  • AA Flame
    AA Flame 4 개월 전

    Imagine if he slipped and actually bashed his Tesla 😂

  • Alex
    Alex 9 개월 전

    He accidentally made it the new plaid model when getting it into its trunk 💀💀💀

  • The Car Guy
    The Car Guy 3 개월 전

    1:13 and this proves king invented the plaid steering wheel lol

  • wowie
    wowie 11 개월 전 +5

    “You can hit anyone with the kids Tesla apparently”

  • Turqoise
    Turqoise 3 년 전 +51

    Even after 3 or 4 years watching your channel, I'm still amazed how the things you break, break!

  • Jacksie
    Jacksie 8 개월 전

    Plainrock: oo dangerous electronics
    * Proccedes to hit with sleige hammer

  • the digweeds
    the digweeds 11 개월 전 +2

    Plainrock: *takes away tesla kid version
    Real tesla: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • MatthewPlayz
    MatthewPlayz 6 개월 전

    You have the perfect house for this stuff

  • YeetOrBeYeeted
    YeetOrBeYeeted 8 개월 전 +3

    3:13 Tesla model s plaid predicted confirmed!!!!!

  • BenguinGuy
    BenguinGuy 3 년 전 +332

    Imagine he actually hit the car at the beginning by accident

  • Donna Gormann
    Donna Gormann 5 개월 전 +1

    That moment when he did the crash test in his mind:ow my balls

  • no context
    no context 9 개월 전

    This is how elon musk got his steering wheel idea for the model s plaid. 😮

  • Random Things 2.0
    Random Things 2.0 28 일 전 +1

    1:20 he predicted the model S plaid

  • araya-lee
    araya-lee 11 개월 전

    The moment when your toy car has better than your actual car

  • Ace Face
    Ace Face 2 년 전 +96

    Imagine waking up and seeing your neighbour sitting a mini Tesla hitting himself with a hammer on a skateboard

  • Levi Province
    Levi Province 4 개월 전

    Imagine his neighbor seeing him throwing that off his balcony

  • Theincrediblenoob27
    Theincrediblenoob27 5 개월 전

    omg now we know were the yoke steering wheel came from

  • younes negaresh
    younes negaresh 9 개월 전 +2

    He predicted the new model S steering wheel

  • King Adam
    King Adam 5 개월 전 +1

    I have just found your videos and they’re so cool.

  • Yusuke
    Yusuke 3 년 전 +27

    neighbor: * looks outside and sees king run in to a tree on purpose in a Tesla for kids *
    neighbor: "ahh, just a normal day"

  • Theodore Herring
    Theodore Herring 2 개월 전

    1:19, bro just turned a $80,000 into a $118,000 car. Stonks

  • Gael Ortega
    Gael Ortega 11 개월 전 +1

    He sure did a good job

  • Aarav Gupta
    Aarav Gupta 10 개월 전 +10

    1:28 How Tesla got the idea for the yoke steering wheel

  • krackhaedd
    krackhaedd 8 개월 전

    he predicted the model s plaid by smashing the steering wheel

  • 2 Hotty Scotty
    2 Hotty Scotty 3 년 전 +1401

    Plainrock will hit 1million subs before 2019 ends. Anyone want to bet against this.

    • TheJamesDriverTV
      TheJamesDriverTV 10 개월 전

      He’s at 1.91M now

    • Mario
      Mario 11 개월 전

      It’s 2021 lol

    • Skepis
      Skepis 년 전

      @Yellow Fellow! then you kid lying your age and you changed your name to Donut kid and almost all kids put kid into youtube name

    • Yellow Fellow!
      Yellow Fellow! 년 전


    • Epzes
      Epzes 년 전

      @Muhammad Taha im prolly late, but it's his money 🤷‍♂️

  • Mattercon 124
    Mattercon 124 년 전

    I'm not even joking after he destroyed the Tesla and did the thumbnail shot, I got a O Riley ad 🤣

  • Danny Ventura
    Danny Ventura 9 개월 전

    This is how the plaid steering wheel started

  • Kingsleyplays
    Kingsleyplays 7 개월 전

    1:27 he turned that Tesla into a plaid model S

  • Ultra 64 Gaming Awesome
    Ultra 64 Gaming Awesome 9 개월 전 +1

    Alternate title:"Bored Smashing - TESLA MODEL S FOR KIDS"